FemMetal Awards 2018 – Reasons behind awards’ names and more

Last Saturday (Sunday in some time zones), FemMetal launched the voting polls for its first awards. Now that the awards have had the 10,000 (and counting) votes that I was aiming for, I would like to share some thoughts and comments on the awards and their meaning.

The goal of FemMetal is to shed light on lesser known bands. We wish to be the promoter for new bands and those who have few or no promoters. And that was the aim of the awards. We set a limit for maximum social media followers the drafted bands can have to give a chance for underground to shine and be noticed and seen. 

The Awards Committee

Before going any further, I would love to thank the Awards Committee who drafted and voted on the final five nominees for each category. The committee consisted of:

  • Jessica Porta, USA
  • Eliana Paramour, Greece
  • Panni Zsoldos, Hungary
  • Jad PrpleFunrl, Lebanon

What will the winners get?

Promotion. All nominees will feature in a page dedicated for the awards. The winners of each category will have their latest release (album or single or music video) always promoted on the sidebar of this website. If an artist won in more than one category, the runner-up more individual votes will take the extra promotion slot.

The Names

The names of the awards are based on the patron of several goddesses in ancient Greek mythology. Below are the reasons of naming of each award.


Rhea was the Titaness wife of the asshole Titan Cronus. Rhea gave birth to the Olympian gods and goddesses whom Cronus ate. Rhea saved her children by tricking Cronus to eat a rock instead of Zeus when she gave birth to him. Later, grown up Zeus made his douchebag of a father spit all his brothers and sisters. Rhea is thus the “mother of the gods”. As Metal was born from the womb of Rock, Rhea Award is given for the Best Rock Vocalist


Artemis is the goddess of the the hunt, forests and hills, the moon, and archery. She is powerful, wild, and interesting. And so is Metal. Therefore, Artemis Award is given for the Best Metal Vocalist. (Specifically: Power Metal, Alternative Metal, Gothic Metal, Melodic Metal…)


Athena is not the goddess to mess with. She was born from Zeus’s mind fully grown and dressed in armor. She is the Goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and WARFARE. Her words are wise but do not make her angry. She would curse you and change your hair to snakes. I think now you know why Death and Thrash Metal are perfectly matching with Athena Award.


Persephone is the wife of Hades. On her own she is the patron of springtime, flowers and vegetation. But when she stepped into that underworld, she became its Queen and Goddess. I think this contrast between Persephone’s “flowery” side and “goddess of death” side is similar to the contrast between Symphony and Metal. Thus, Best Vocalist in Symphonic Metal gets Persephone Award.


This one is straight forward. Aphrodite is goddess of love and beauty. Thus Aphrodite Award goes to Hottest Metal Artist. Now some philosophers might moan: “Why does this category even exist?” “What does being hot or not have to do with music?” and etc… 

Well being hot or not has nothing to do with music. However, performance and presentation has to do. And that’s what this award is for. We are not asking who do you think is hottest in the way they dress or look. What this award is for is who is the hottest artist in the way of presenting their music.


Hestia is the goddess of the family, the hearth and architecture. Instruments are the architecture of songs. And the band becomes a family for its members. Therefore, Hestia Award is for Best Instrument Player


Demeter is the goddess of Agriculture, Harvest and Fertility. It only makes sense that Demeter Award should be for those new bands who are still small seeds in the hope of harvesting their great efforts. Thus Demeter Award is for the Best New Band


Hera was the eldest daughter of Cronus and the wife of Zeus. She was the Queen of Gods and her stories show how she rules with great might and power. Therefore Hera Award goes for the Best Vocalist. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you haven’t voted yet, go vote to your favorite artists in this link.

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