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When you leave the “Autoplay” switched ON for your YouTube, you might run into several videos you would rather skip. But sometimes it might lead you to a wonderful cover of a song you love and get you to know and love a new artist. That is how I first came across Victoria K. The video was a cover of “My Heart Is Broken” by Evanescence and her voice on that song was amazing.

In mid 2018, Victoria joined the Melodic Metal band Ironstone. And few days ago, the Australian band released Machine, a new single and music video. And that single is proof that when you add a unique beautiful voice to the heavy melodies and tunes of guitars you get an amazing result. And emphasis on the word unique here (which is easy to do when you can stylize in Italic 😉). Because there are a lot of people with beautiful voices. But what makes one voice unique is how much that person trains and works hard and sings with passion. And that’s the most impressive thing about Machine. 

Great riffs, wonderful solos, gorgeous vocals, and an elegant music video; You really can’t ask for more from a band in its early stages. Ironstone has set high standards and with their talents and potential you can only expect this band will get better and better.


Now I know most of you people did not click on whatever got you here to read about how much I loved the song. So below is the interview FemMetal had the chance to make with Victoria K. We spoke about her life with the band, her plans, feminism in Metal and other things. Hope you enjoy.

Jad: Hello Victoria! First I would like to thank you for taking the interview. How are you today?

Victoria: Hi Jad, Feeling great today. Thank you so much for speaking with me today.

Jad: My pleasure. 😊 I have been following your work for a while. You covered songs by many of my favourite bands on your YouTube channel so I know you are very talented. But now you’ve been in Ironstone for few months, so how does it feel to be part of a band?

Victoria: Its so amazing that you have seen my YouTube channel and I love that your favourite bands are also my favourite bands. I think more people need to hear this type of music. Being part of a band is something special and working with other creative, like minded people is really an amazing experience. Performing live is the best part because being on stage with your friends and creating an energy we can share with the crowd is an awesome feeling.

Jad: That really sounds great. Ironstone released a new single now, ‘Machine’ along with a music video. What would you like to tell people about this single?

Victoria: We are all really excited about releasing Machine. It’s our first release together as a band and we really wanted to show the world what we are about. We are really really happy with the single and the music clip and it really sets the standard for our sound. The music has hints of electronic robotic sounds, heavy guitars, thumping drums and catchy riffs so anyone listening will really get an understanding of our brand of music.

Jad: Are there any plans for a bigger release following this single? Like an album or an EP?

Victoria: We plan to release other 2 or 3 singles and videos in the coming months, then an EP later in the year. We’re really looking forward to that!

Jad: Looking forward to hear! Your website says you are a ‘Melodic metal’ band. How would you describe the type of metal you produce? What bands and artists influence Ironstone?

Victoria: We all have such a great appreciation for different types of music and a variety of influences. I guess we try and blend different things to create our sound. Melodic Metal seems to fit well for us since our music combines heavy guitar and drums and electronic elements. It’s so interesting and fun trying combine all those things and the melodic vocal melodies really bring everything together well. As for influences, there are a lot of different bands that influence us. I really love the symphonic and power metal bands and the guys are into the djent metal bands and then a fair bit in between. The bands and artists that influence Ironstone would be a great mix but include Nightwish, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Architect and a couple of Aussie bands like Twelve Foot Ninja and Parkway Drive. Everyone should really check them out.

Jad: Did you grow up listening to metal?

Victoria: I have been listening to Metal music since I was about 9 years old. The first band I heard was Evanescence and I just fell in love with the genre from then on. I have been listening to metal ever since.

Jad: That’s one of my favourite bands too! You’re from Australia. This month I have spoken with bands from Russia, Germany, Brazil and now you. And metal fans all over the world love bands from different countries and regions. How do you think metal achieved this kind of unity that probably politics failed to make?

Victoria: I think Metal Music is made for the people. It’s not just made to be popular, it’s made to connect with real life situations and emotions. The music is created as an art form and I feel people appreciate the artistry, complexity and musicality of both the musicians and the music itself. So I guess Metal music is made with no boundaries or prejudice.

Jad: That’s so true. Decades ago people used to consider Metal as a man’s music. And even today some closed minded people still consider it as something exclusive for men. What do you think about this mentality?

Victoria: I find that mentality very limiting and of course women have a place in metal. Well, I think there is a very very wide range of female metal singers and musicians around the world that do very well. The female voice and musician is a very needed component to the genre because it adds a new depth and colour to the music. On one end of the spectrum you have Tarja Turenen and on the other you have Alissa White-Gluz, where would Metal music be without such women and versatility?

Jad: Indeed! Hope one day you will be one of these great names in metal. What’s your dream? Where do you want to reach in the future with your music?

Victoria: It would an honor and my dream to be in the company of and sing alongside any of them. My ultimate dream is to bring a new sound into the world and to tour all over the world so I can share my music with everyone.

Jad: Hope this comes true. Away from music, while looking at Ironstone photos I kept having this question in my mind: who has the best hair in the band? What do you think?

Victoria: I think there is absolutely no competition what so ever. Of course my hair is the best. The boys hair is great but mine out shines them and lets not forget……mines the longest. 😊

Jad: That’s what I think too. 😂 Final question, what hobbies or activities do you enjoy doing other than singing?

Victoria: My hobbies include songwriting, well that’s not really a hobby it’s more like a way of life. I also play the piano and the viola and I write most of my music on these instruments. I seem to always be sitting by my piano playing, writing and composing. I also love Taekwondo and it’s great for the fitness. I have my black belt and I’m working towards my second dan.

Jad: That’s amazing! Thank you for your time Victoria and good luck for you and Ironstone in the future projects!

Victoria: Thank you. I spend lots and lots of time in the studio with my producer and we are always creating. Its just a great release.Thank you so much Jad for your time. I hope everything 2019 is an amazing year for you.

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