Interview with Anastasia (Jinjer Fan)

This interview is part of the Interview with the fans FemMetal did with fans of different female fronted bands in Metal!

Other BandsGojira, Slipknot, Halestorm, Cry Excess,
Frozen Crown, Nebulae ,Deceit Machine, Killin’ Baudelaire
P.S. She’s my favorite

Jad: Hello girls! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Anastasia: Hello, my name is Anastasia and I’m from Italy, I work in a pet shop. I was born in 1984.

Jad: How did you first start listening to the band you support?

Anastasia: The first time I listened to Jinjer was on YouTube, I was listening to random new bands and I fell into the video of “Sit Stay Roll Over”, it was love at first listen! I was very impressed by the sound of the band and the growls Tatiana do.

Jad: Why did you decide to make a fan page dedicated for that band(s)?

Anastasia: I decided to dedicate a fan-page to Jinjer because I wanted to share with other fans my passion. I really think music is a force that unites people. And so it was. I met many people.

Jad: Did you see your band(s) live? Did you get to meet any of the members?

Anastasia: The First time I saw Jinjer live was when they went on tour with Arch Enemy. The live performance was crazy, they are a real power. They took a picture with the fans waiting for them. They were very nice.

Jad: How does the front-woman of that band inspires you to be a better person?

Anastasia: Jinjer are always on tour relentlessly, they have done so much to make themselves known. They come from a country that is currently at war. It isn’t easy. They are putting everything in it and their effort is paying them back. Their determination has always affected me. Tatiana is a tough, beautiful and talented woman. Who wouldn’t want to be like her? Tatiana currently has the best growls in the scene!

Jad: As a young woman, what rights do you feel that girls and women around the world are still missing?

Anastasia: What is lacking is respect and equality. When I hear offensive remarks about women, I always think “who knows if they would say the same thing if it was a man?” You have to change the thoughts of people, both men and women, correct offensive words used lightly, because we know, words are the first weapons used to do harm and just with the words you more cure ignorance.

Jad: What other bands do you like to listen to?

Anastasia: Gojira, Slipknot, Halestorm…and other 100

Jad: What lyrics from a metal song would you think of in the following situations:
If you’re depressed?

Anastasia: Alter Bridge, Slip to the void

Jad: If you’re getting bullied?

Anastasia: Rage Against the machine, Killing in the Name

Jad: If you’re happy and having a good time?

Anastasia: Gallows, In the belly of a Shark

Jad: If you’re late to school or work?

Anastasia: Jinjer, Captain Clock

Jad: What is your favourite new-comer band?

Anastasia: Cry Excess, Frozen Crown, Nebulae ,Deceit Machine, Killin’ Baudelaire

Jad: In your opinion, what is the difference between Metal and Rock and any other music genre? And why are the fans of artists in Metal more dedicated than other fans?

Anastasia: We metalheads have an unmeasured passion. For us music is not to pass time but a real lifestyle that we proudly show. We live our music as a real religion. Metal does not care if you are a man, woman, white, black, beautiful, ugly, fat, skinny, straight, gay, cool or loser. Metal unites us all. It’s just love and passion. Metal like Rock and all sub-genres is rebellion, not wanting to be like the mass. We enjoy not being like the others!

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