Interview with Betty (Epica fan)

This interview is part of the Interview with the fans FemMetal did with fans of different female fronted bands in Metal!

Other BandsIron Maiden, Metallica, Anthrax, Amaranthe, ODC, Dying Gorgeous Lies, Scarlet
P.S. She’s OK.

Jad: Hello girls! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Betty: Hello, my name is Betty. I’m a nurse and I help you run FemMetal, but you already know that.

Jad: How did you first start listening to the band you support?

Betty: Well few years ago, an annoying friend of mine who I won’t name, (you), told me to try them out. I did and I loved them. Thank you by the way..

Jad: Did you see your band live? Did you get to meet any of the members?

Betty: Yes! I’ve seen them live once. It was amazing. I didn’t get to meet any of the members and it was the first concert I ever attended. It was just perfect and I had the time of my life. You were there too, you punk.

Jad: How does the front-woman of that band inspires you to be a better person?

Betty: Simone Simons has an exceptional voice that I don’t think any other woman in metal has. Her ability to sing, write lyrics, be a photographer and artist and a mother at the same time inspires me to work hard for my dreams and not stop at where I am. I can have a job but also I should do what I love to do and not be satisfied by the minimum.

Jad: As a young woman, what rights do you feel that girls and women around the world are still missing?

Betty: Some might say women have all their rights now. But it’s wrong. Women rights are not to walk naked on streets or be represented in the parliament or whatever. Women rights are to be treated the same way men are. In Metal, unfortunately it’s not the case. Before joining I asked you if we are going to post about gothic models because other “women in metal” fan pages post about them with tags related to music. You said we won’t post about any woman that doesn’t make music. And we still don’t. I think that’s how FemMetal is different from other pages. It’s all about music, about women in Metal.
In the work place, it’s a catastrophe. I get mansplained all the time by patients teaching me how to do my job, assuming because Even some doctors are told what to do in some cases, while all patients listen to male doctors with respect and don’t utter a voice.
I think that all should be dealt with and it all starts in how people raise their children. Parents should not have double standards, allowing their boys to do things that girls cannot.

Jad: What other bands do you like to listen to?

Betty: I’m old. I love classics like Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Anthrax. Plus I’m starting to fall in love with Amaranthe. I also love some bands we posted about like Dying Gorgeous Lies and ODC.

Jad: What lyrics from a metal song would you think of in the following situations:
If you’re depressed?

Betty: “All alone in a crowded room; He tries to force a smile; The smile it beamed or so it seemed; But never reached the eyes, disguise; Masquerading as the funny man do they despise”
Iron Maiden – Tears of a Clown
This new Iron Maiden song that was written about the late Robin Williams reminds me of how I act when I’m depressed. I try to make jokes and make people laugh.

Jad: If you’re getting bullied?

Betty: “I’m walking to Sophie tonight; She lives in the air that I breath; I can’t get it out of my mind; How you were left to bleed; Was it how you dressed? Or how you act ?
I can’t believe; How they could act so violently; Without regret; We will not forget”
Delain – We Are the Others

Jad: If you’re happy and having a good time?

Betty: “Live in this moment like there is no past; All that matters is to be who you are; Be in this moment. Judgments will not last; Urge yourself again to claim back your life…”
Epica – Beyond the Matrix

Jad: If you’re late to school or work?

Betty: A witch is never late, nor is she early, she arrives precisely when she means to. (Quoting Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings movies)

Jad: What is your favourite new-comer band?

Betty: Probably ODC and Scarlet.

Jad: In your opinion, what is the difference between Metal and Rock and any other music genre? And why are the fans of artists in Metal more dedicated than other fans?

Betty: It’s simple. Metal is like wine. As it gets older it gets better. Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath and Queen and Iron Maiden still have growing fan bases today. Whereas even the most popular “Pop” kings, such as Michael Jackson, do have a huge fan base and great songs, but many of their songs are tied to an era and are no longer considered good. On the other hand, we still listen to many Rock and Metal songs from the 60s and 70s! We are talking about 60 years old songs! Stairway to Heaven is almost 50 years old and it’s still on every metal-head playlist.
And because Metal and Rock deal with more realistic and humane issues, such as depression, war, politics, economy, it attracts generally an educated fan base. And when the music is close to your feelings, you draw close to the artist making it. That is why Rockers are more devoted.

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