Interview with Panni (Amaranthe fan)

This interview is part of the Interview with the fans FemMetal did with fans of different female fronted bands in Metal!

Other BandsAlia Tempora, Exit Eden,Within Temptation, Delain, Nightwish, Tarja
P.S. She’s my favorite

Jad: Hello girls! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Panni: Hello! My name is Panni, a 14 years old girl from Hungary.

Jad: How did you first start listening to the band you support?

Panni: Two years ago, my dad showed me Amaranthe. I’ve never been a metalhead but then i realized this is the music that’s really my style. I started to love this band a lot, and being a huge fan of Elize Ryd.

Jad: Why did you decide to make a fan page dedicated for that band(s)?

Panni: Actually, it’s a very long story. But in just few words, I felt that my love for this band will never fade away, so why not support them like that? It’s an Elize fan-page but i share love for all of them through that account.

Jad: Did you see your band(s) live? Did you get to meet any of the members?

Panni: Yes, I saw them once last year. It was the best day of my life. I got to meet Elize, and that was the most amazing thing what ever happened to me. I will never forget that night!

Jad: How does the front-woman of that band inspires you to be a better person?

Panni: Everything I got to know about her during the years were things what made me love her more and more. It’s like… she is so strong, brave and honest. She dares to speak and she is a very very deeply wise and kind soul. These are all things which makes her my idol. All these things are inspiring me to do my own things better.

Jad: As a young woman, what rights do you feel that girls and women around the world are still missing?

Panni: There are too many businesses which in it’s very hard to women to rise. The woman should get a position as easy as a man does. And also i think on some places the men should start to see as humans. It’s funny because i was talking about these thing a week ago after women’s day with Elize a lot.

Jad: What other bands do you like to listen to?

Panni: I love to listen Within Temptation, Delain, Nightwish and Tarja’s work too!

Jad: What lyrics from a metal song would you think of in the following situations:
If you’re depressed?

Panni: “Keep it real, trust your dreams, and soon you’ll stand here next to me”
Amaranthe – True

Jad: If you’re getting bullied?

Panni: “Eva flies away, dreams the world far away. In this cruel children’s game, there’s no friend to call her name…”
Nightwish – Eva

Jad: If you’re happy and having a good time?

Panni: “Oh-oh, sing me that song, at least there’s some song bringing me home! Oh-oh, same old song, i left my soul sold, play me rock and roll!”
Amaranthe – That song

Jad: If you’re late to school or work?

Panni: “A tear is only water, a sigh is only air. Whenever you feel haunted, the truth lies out there…”
Delain – Sleepwalkers dream

Jad: What is your favourite new-comer band?

Panni: Hm. Exit Eden and Alia Tempora.

Jad: In your opinion, what is the difference between Metal and Rock and any other music genre? And why are the fans of artists in Metal more dedicated than other fans?

Panni: Actually, it depends on the band/artist a lot. The difference can be the sounding, the instruments, the thing what they want to explain through the music. The metal fans are like a family. We came from very different places, situations and we found ourselves in this kind of music, that’s what make us belong together. I found many friends in this community, and i think we are the best so far: helping each other all the time we need, share love and enjoy the music together. And also the metal musicians care a lot about their fans, more than others do.

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