Interview with Vera (Amaranthe fan)

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P.S. She’s my favorite

Jad: Hello girls! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Vera: Hi, my name is Vera and I’m from Sweden!

Jad: How did you first start listening to the band you support?

Vera: The first time I heard Amaranthe was from a Spotify playlist, I think it was “Women in Metal” or something like that. The song I heard was called “The Nexus”, and is still one of my absolute favorites! I remember I discovered many new bands with that playlist but Amaranthe was the best! I loved “The Nexus” SO MUCH, so I checked out Amaranthe’s other songs and became really obsessed with the band not so long after that lucky day when I heard “The Nexus”! I am still obsessed with Amaranthe though! I introduced the band to my two besties and soon Amaranthe had a little fan club in Stockholm through us! This was almost exactly one year ago and that day when I discovered Amaranthe and it was one of the luckiest in my life!

Jad: Why did you decide to make a fan page dedicated for that band?

Vera: I created my first Amaranthe fan-page some time last autumn because my life’s biggest dream was to have contact with someone or even everyone in Amaranthe. They mean so much to me! I also wanted to show how grateful I am because they help me through tough times and are the only ones that could turn my tears into a smile. I might sound like a drama queen, but it sometimes feels like they have saved me. So I created a fan-page mostly to get more contact with them and just to show my love for them and show how grateful I am. I remember the first time someone in Amaranthe noticed me. Henrik liked my post and I TOTALLY flipped out!

Jad: Did you see your band(s) live? Did you get to meet any of the members?

Vera: Yes, I saw them for my first time on February 13th 2019. I will have that day forever in my memory. I went to the concert with the besties I mentioned before and it was my luckiest, funniest, and BEST night! We all were so afraid not to be allowed into the concert because of the age limit, but the guards let us in and we were in the second row! All the bands were amazing, but the best of the whole night was when Amaranthe played. My friends and I had the best time and we screamed so much the first time we saw Elize coming out on stage! The Ama-members even got my letters, bracelets and drawings and Elize wore the bracelet I gave her before on the show. It was sick, my life goal! Can’t believe I was just a couple of meters far from the best people in world, and one sick thing was that I still have some contact with two persons I’ve never met before but met in the concert! Me and my friends couldn’t meet Amaranthe after the show, but we were the happiest anyway and really hope to meet and see them again soon.

Jad: How does the front-woman of that band inspires you to be a better person?

Vera: Omg, where should I begin!? Elize has inspired me in many ways. She has helped me believe in my dreams and reach some of them. She makes me feel stronger. She is so powerful and gives me power. I felt a little easier actually to be around people (I’m pretty shy so it’s hard for me) when I’ve just heard her powerful voice and songs! She inspires me to be myself, trust in my dreams and just make things happen! And I can’t thank her enough for that.

Jad: As a young woman, what rights do you feel that girls and women around the world are still missing?

Vera: We can begin with the metal world. Metal has always been a genre that mostly men are into. and when women started coming into metal, they were never treated equally. Many people accept them and liked them and didn’t care about their gender. But there are people out there that try to drown in condescending, sexual, creepy and negative comments, just because they are women. There we have to work on equality in Metal and Rock.
More generally, I think in Sweden women get less salary than men at the same job! Girls, like boys, have expectations and preconceptions on what they should be like. What I have seen in my daily life in school, is a norm that girls should pretend to be like 20 years old when they are in freaking 6th grade! Girls should never scream or take space or laugh and say “Oh My God” while boys can do all of these things! I hate that. I hate that with all my heart! And that is actually something everyone can do something to stop it. Men should stop thinking that way and accept girls as they are, and girls should break these norms and prove that these sexists are wrong! These are a couple of things I think are unfair towards women.

Jad: What other bands do you like to listen to?

Vera: Browsing Collection , Scarlet , Follow The Cipher, Alia Tempora , Evanescence , The Pretty Reckless and Tarja Turunen.

Jad: What lyrics from a metal song would you think of in the following situations:
If you’re depressed?

Vera: “Burn with me.. I’m just an empty shell, another’s friend, transformed to someone else..”
Amaranthe – Burn With Me

Jad: If you’re getting bullied?

Vera: “What I can dream, scream, It’ possible.. But it will turn, burn, keep it real, trust your dreams. And soon you’ll stand here next to me..”
True, Amaranthe.
I think of these lyrics because they give me hope. It makes me believe that I will fulfill my dreams and be a famous Rock star and scream “LOOK AT ME NOW!” to the idiots who bullied me when I was a child.. because I was able to be someone, and they didn’t win! I even think of the lyrics of Boomerang, of course!

Jad: If you’re happy and having a good time?

Vera: “And as I open my eyes, I see my shadow. Will I return like myself or parted atoms”
The Nexus – Amaranthe.
I have so many beautiful memories with this song, and when I hear it I start thinking of when me and my friends tried to make a cover of The Nexus and when one of my friends tried to growl this part! Love this song the most!

Jad: If you’re late to school or work?

Vera: Actually the lyrics of “Don’t Tell Me” by Browsing Collection! But well, of Ama-songs I think of the lyrics of “Gg6”, because it is a rebel-song and I always feel like a rebel when I come to late to school!

Jad: What is your favourite new-comer band?

Vera: My favorite new comer band is Follow The Cipher. They are really cool and I love their music and they are so cute to their fans!

Jad: In your opinion, what is the difference between Metal and Rock and any other music genre? And why are the fans of artists in Metal more dedicated than other fans?

Vera: First, Rock and Metal are absolutely heavier and faster. Metal and Rock are the only genres which have guitar solos and everything goes faster! In Pop it is mostly solo artists and only few music groups, but in Rock/Metal it’s almost just bands. In many Metal and Rock songs the lyrics are quite brutal, which would be odd in the Pop world. Growling is normal in Metal and Rock while it is never included in Pop or Jazz or Blues. For many people who listen to a special band, that band means the world for them and they are the biggest fans. Not much of the people who are into Pop are very interested in music. I mean that almost everyone that doesn’t care much about music says that they like Pop and then even hate other genres. Metal fans are so dedicated and loyal to the bands they love.

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