Victoria K’s new single ‘Lacuna’ Review

On the 5th of May, Australian Symphonic Metal artist, Victoria K, released her new single, ‘Lacuna’. The single is set to be the first taste we have from her upcoming debut album. If you haven’t listened to ‘Lacuna’ yet, you can find it on YouTube and Spotify.

The young and extremely talented vocalist delivered a great song. Her magnificent vocals were showcased in a wonderful way, with a song that can be categorized among the finest in the genre. There’s no doubt that Victoria K is walking on the same footsteps of the four Metal goddesses she lists as her influences on her official Facebook page.

‘Lacuna’ has so much Metal and so much Gothic in it that you’d want to hear it repeatedly if you’re a Metal fan. The music is sharp and powerful, and the song easily flows into your senses. I would totally love to listen to about an hour of that kind of music. Therefore, I’m excited for Victoria K’s debut album!

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