FemMetal One Year Anniversary

On the 6th of October 2018, FemMetal was created on Instagram as a page that features women in Metal and Rock by re-posts from their pages. Later, it was extended to be a blog and later a website that promotes women in Rock and Metal.

So far we have featured more than 200 and interviewed 24 individual artists. We also reviewed 16 records in details. We held an awards competition, acknowledging artists in eight categories, and a battle between bands’ fans, where fans voted for their favourite band in a knockout tournament.

In this year, more than 57,000 of our pages have been viewed by a bit less than 20,000 individual visitors, averaging around 55 visitors per day.

Celebrating one year of FemMetal, we will tell you the FemMetal story through an internal interview made by the contacts manager and editor on FemMetal, Betty and the founder and main author, Jad.

The FemMetal Story

Betty: How did the idea of FemMetal begin and develop into what it is now?

Jad: It all started when a friend of mine called Alex called me to ask for my help in making a page on Instagram related to Metal. We co-admined the page and made some posts related to dates in the history of Metal. Then we decided to make it about new comers in the Rock and Metal scene. As we did some research we noticed the great numbers of women in new bands. So we decided to dedicate the page to women in Metal and Rock, especially that we’re both feminists and fans of many female fronted bands. Later, Alex decided to leave the page to focus on her work, and I became the only admin. When I saw how both people and bands are loving the idea, I decided to extend it into a blog and later a website. We are currently a team of three, including you, Rebecca and myself.

Current FemMetal logo

Betty: Why WOMEN in Metal? Why not all underground artists?

Jad: I personally think men in music in general and Metal in particular receive more than enough promotion. If you check concerts photographers pages you’d see probably one post about a woman every ten posts or even more. Plus, most of the already existing pages we saw that post about women in Metal focus less on music and more on the physical appearances. Some even post about alternative models that have nothing to do with creating music. They can do that. I have nothing against it. But what I wanted to make is a medium to focus on female artists where we introduce our followers to new bands that they might like, recommending songs the artist would stand out for. That is why we try to get the artists’ recommendations for their own material.

Betty: FemMetal promotes feminism in Metal and Rock music. What is the connection in your opinion between Metal and Feminism?

Jad: They are not related as per definition. However I believe every woman in Metal is scoring points for feminism and equality in society. First, Metal, for a long time, was considered as a man’s genre. And some still do even today. Women breaking through Metal despite all these narrow opinions is a punch in the face of patriarchy and anyone that claims there are things women cannot do. Second, the power in Metal and spirit of revolution is what we need to build a new society where every one has equal rights, no matter what their gender or preferences are.

Betty: What is yet to come to FemMetal?

Jad: Well we are currently teasing about an upcoming event we will announce about soon. More interviews are coming of course, and more reviews. We recently launched the FemMetal events and we’re trying to fill it with concerts and gigs so people can use it as a tool to check out nearby concerts by female-fronted bands anytime they like and wherever they are.

Betty: From the interviews you’ve had, which ones stick to your mind and mean to you most?

Jad: The interview with Celia from ODC was my first. I remember preparing for it and reading interviews with other artists so I can find the right questions and the best way to ask them. It means a lot to me especially because I’m a big fan of their work. Also interviewing Jen Majura and Britt Lightning meant the world to me. They are both idols and inspirations for me and many other people. Also the interview with Skye Sweetnam meant a lot since I’ve been a fan of Sumo Cyco since their first song. The interview with Shirley Tracanna from Wishmasters also means a lot because she’s one of my favourite vocalists. And recently the interview with Markie Moravkova from Alia Tempora was amazing!

Betty: You’ve introduced your followers to many bands and artists. Which artist from the ones you discovered while working on FemMetal are you a fan of?

Jad: Oh there are many! Let’s start with Wishmasters and ODC. They both are in my top 10 favourite bands. (Yes I make lists). Scarlet Aura is one hell of a band! Also Dying Gorgeous Lies, Levinia and Familia Jeff are bands I always come back to listen to.

Milestones and Records!

First interview

Celia of ODC – November 7th 2018

First full album review

Cecile Monique’s Album Genesis – December 22nd 2018

Most read articles

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2. Interview with the FANS!

3. Victoria K Interview

Most Visited Page

The Pantheon

Thank you for everyone who supported FemMetal during our first year by giving likes and commenting on our posts or participating in our stories or reading our articles!

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