What are ‘FemMetal Awards’?

FemMetal -Goddesses of Metal is not an official honorary organization. We are a music journalism website. You can read all about us here. Consequently, the FemMetal Awards are awards presented by ‘FemMetal – Goddesses of Metal’ website to honor achievements in the domain of Rock and Metal music artists, focusing solely on new and “underground” musicians. To do that, we follow a certain algorithm for the nomination in which the number of the band followers on social media and latest release date are taken into consideration to determine if the artist is eligible to be nominated.

What are the categories of the Awards?

We currently categorize our nominees into eight categories. In most cases, the categories surpass the direct meaning of the term and include a broader target than the terminology might suggest. Below are the categories with a brief explanation.

Best Clean Vocals

This category includes vocalists who perform in Rock and Metal sub-genres excluding sub-genres that revolve around the symphonic context (Symphonic Metal, Power Metal, Gothic Metal…), and excluding growling and screaming vocalists. The genres may include Punk, Alternative, Hard and Progressive Rock, as well as Alternative and Progressive Metal.

Best Operatic Vocals

The term ‘operatic’ here can be misleading. This category is not exclusive for vocalists who perform with the classical three operatic voice types, but also includes any vocalist who performs “clean” vocals in a Metal band with a symphonic context. The term ‘opera’ is connected with ‘symphony’ and thus the naming.

Best Aggressive Vocals

This category includes vocalists who perform any kinds of screams and growls or sing with “heavy” shouted vocals. This category is not defined by genre but solely by the types of vocals. Vocalists who perform clean and growling vocals fall under this category.

Best Vocals

Any vocalist included in the formerly listed three awards is eligible to be in this general vocals award.

Best Instrument Player

Any instrumentalist in any band is eligible for this award. This includes vocalists who play instruments in studio and on stage.

Best Image and Performance

This award is given to artists who make the best use of visual arts whether in their music videos, stage presence, or media presentation. This includes artists with a concept that binds their physical appearances to their musical content, artists that present themselves in an identity related to a way of life or a time era. The front-woman of the band is named for the award, but in truth it is an award to honor a whole concept rather than a person. For example, an artist with album that mostly revolves around events that took place in the middle ages that dresses in a middle ages fashion on stage and band promotions and has a music video set in the middle ages or uses visual elements from the middle ages on stage would be a perfect example on who this award addresses.

Best Music Video

This award is to honor the band with the music video released in the selected year. It differs from the Image and Performance award because it focuses in a formalist way on the music video itself, away from the relation with the general band image and concept. Any music video that left an impression, even if it was simply made, would be eligible for this award.

Best Album

This award honors the band with the best album released in the selected year.

The awards have the following tiers from highest to lowest.

  1. Best Vocals
  2. Best Album
  3. Best Clean Vocals
  4. Best Operatic Vocals (same level as previous)
  5. Best Aggressive Vocals (same level as previous)
  6. Best Instrument Player
  7. Best Image and Performance
  8. Best Music Video

How are the nominees chosen?

The nomination process takes the following procedure.

First, eight people are chosen to form the nomination board, excluding at least one of the FemMetal team members. The board members should satisfy one or more of the following qualities:

  • Music journalists
  • Social media activists and content creators with feed related to Rock and Metal
  • Musicians, with the condition of not being tied or having a biological relationship or any other form of a tight relationship with a band that may be eligible for the awards
  • Certified female artists (Photography, graphic design, painting…etc) 

What the board does is, first, drafting names of possible contenders under each category. After the drafting is complete, each member of the board has to choose 4-6 artists for each category from the drafted names. The 6 most chosen are the final nominees. One of the FemMetal team members that were not included in the board is used in case a tie break is needed.

Voting Process (Who and How and When?)

Like most other media-presented awards, the awards are presented to winners of open polls hosted on this website on which anyone can vote for a period that extends over three complete days. We are doing the best to provide polls with high security that prevent scammers and spammers from voting repeatedly. Invisible reCaptcha and IP blocking are some of the techniques we’ll be using on this event.


Nominees are not required to mention us or invite their fans to vote or do any other form of promotion. They are definitely free to do so if they wish, but it is not in anyway a requirement. We are responsible for our event-promotion, be it on social media or this website.

Nominees and Winners awards

Being a nominee gives you a direct slot in the Hall of Fame page of this website that is named following the theme of each year’s awards. This slot would include a small bio about the band or artist, usually taken from their official websites or Facebook, with siting of course, and links to their social media and websites and Spotify.

Winners of each category would receive a year-long free promotion slot on the sidebar of the website pages. The promotion would be for the latest release by that band or artist by default, unless the artist would like to promote something else, such as a non-profit organization or their merch. The artist is free to request putting whatever they want in that slot as long as it does not promote discrimination in any form.

In the case of an artist winning more than one award, they receive the title of all won awards. However, they are only awarded with the slot of the highest tier they won. The other slots goes to the runner-up(s) of the category(ies) of the highest tiers. So if we list all winners and runner-ups, sorting them by tiers from highest to lowest, winners first, then runner-ups, then crossing repeated names, the first eight on the list are awarded with the ad slots. In case of a tie in the tier, the category of the artist causing the redundancy is picked.