Years back, in my teenage and early “tweenage” years, when you’d say the phrase “Russian music”, the first name I would think about is Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, the legendary Russian composer who was ahead of his time with his music and pieces that are still echoing today. Recently, however, a different name has been popping up in my brain. That name is ‘Imperial Age’. A band that we can say is not like any other band, in Russia or even the rest of the world.

The Symphonic Metal band with heavy conceptual music have released a music video for their song ‘The Legacy of Atlantis’, from the album that has the same name.

The band, dressed in their costumes designed for the sake of their governing concept, appears performing from their heart in the midst of a mosaic of images from the different eras and ancient civilizations that their music tells us about.

You can check out the music video below.

Imperial Age, singing about the legacy Atlantis, an ancient civilization, left, is without any doubt also leaving a great legacy for Metal music.

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