The CW’s ‘The 100’ FemMetal Recast

⚠️Spoiler Alert: If you are still watching the series, this article may contain few spoilers

In a recent Instagram story, we asked the lot of our followers there who are fans of The CW’s series ‘The 100’ to recast some of the main female characters in the series with Metal musicians. Here are the Metal goddesses who our followers believe would best fit in The 100.

‘Echo’ – Alissa White-Gluz

The role of the spy of Azgeda, played by Canadian actress Tasya Teles on the show, has been handed by our followers to another Canadian, Alissa White-Gluz. Probably Alissa’s merciless growls reminded them a bit of Echo’s character in her first couple of seasons where she’s a brutal warrior who does anything to save her people.

‘Charmaine Diyoza’ – Simone Simons

I was honestly shocked when I saw most people picking Simone Simons for that role. How can Simone Simons portray a terrorist whose picture is next to Hitler in future history books? Then I remembered Diyoza the powerful leader, loving mother, and smart strategist! Diyoza is portrayed by Ivana Milicevic in The 100.

‘Abby Griffin’ – Floor Jansen

Abby Griffin, mother, doctor, and chancellor, played by Paige Turco, would do anything to ensure the human race’s survival. Our followers think Floor Jansen would be the best Metal musician recast for Abby. Abby’s experience helped save lives and heal hundreds of human beings, and you can’t say Floor Jansen’s voice doesn’t have healing abilities of its own.

‘Raven Reyes’ – Diamante

There’s no machine Raven, the genius badass mechanic played by Lindsey Morgan, can’t fix. Her brilliant and innovative ideas saved the lives of The 100 and later few remaining humans. Diamante is the Rock goddess our followers picked for the recast of Raven Reyes, probably inspired by her innovative sound and ‘badass’ attitude.

‘Octavia Blake’ – Melissa Bonny

Rage of Light and Ad Infinitum’s vocalist was picked to play Octavia. Bellamy’s young sister, whom he went all the way to Earth to protect, proved herself to be in no need for protection from a man. The Red Queen and Skairipa, played by Marie Avgeropoulos is a fierce warrior but also a romantic lover. Melissa Bonny’s wide talent in singing could be the reason she was picked for this complicated and interesting character. That… and her face paint with Warkings.

‘Lexa’ – Elize Ryd

The young commander who died tragically in the third season of the series remains a fan-favourite. The role played by Alycia Debnam-Carey was given to Elize Ryd by our followers. Probably the fans have recently watched Amaranthe’s new music video for ‘Boom!1’ and have decided Elize’s sick zombie slaying moves would sure win her a conclave to become the powerful and ruthless ‘heda’ of the grounders.

‘Clarke Griffin’ – Fabienne Erni

The Eluveitie and Illumishade vocalist was chosen by majority of our followers to play the main role in the series. Clarke Griffin, played by Eliza Taylor, throughout The 100 was one of the most influential characters. Although I can’t see anything similar in the physical appearance, Fabienne’s charisma would definitely help her portray Clarke’s leadership skills and decision-making abilities.

So that is how these seven characters were recast by our Instagram followers, who also picked the next season we’ll do a fan-recast for. And that will be…


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