The CW’s ‘The Vampire Diaries’ – FemMetal Recast

For the second month, we’ve done a recast for a popular TV series with Metal musicians to replace the actual cast. This time the series was The Vampire Diaries, The CW series that ran for eight seasons and had two spin-offs. Legacies is still running at the moment, while the first spin-off, The Originals, ran for five seasons itself.

In our recast we included the main characters from the first couple of seasons from The Vampire Diaries, plus a main character from The Originals who also had a recurring role in TVD.

Here is the Metal cast you have chosen for The Vampires Diaries.

Isobel Flemming

recast for
Tarja Turunen

I think that is probably based on pure similarity in appearances. I mean why would you hand Tarja a role of a total psychopath who literally went looking for someone to change her into a blood-sucking monster. Elena’s biological mother is probably the worst mother in the world. She sucks. (pun intended) Tarja’s strong personality would definitely give her an edge if she were to portray her. Still, WTF?

by ReyBrujo

Elizabeth Forbes

recast for

Moving from Elena’s non-caring mother to Caroline’s loving one. Lizzy loves her daughter so much, even after Caroline went full-fangs. You have picked Doro to play Elizabeth Forbes in our non-existent alternate universe. Doro would definitely have the power to portray the mighty sheriff of Mystic Falls.

by Rockman

Jenna Sommers

recast for
Simone Simons

Jenna is someone everyone loved and probably cried (I did) when she sacrificed her life to save Elena. I honestly cared about Jenna more than the main characters. The loving and caring aunt who did her best to get Elena and Jeremy to have a normal life after they lost their parents, and finally dying so that Elena can stay alive! Damn what an epic character! I think Simone Simons would kill in that role!

by S. Bollmann

Hayley Marshall

recast for
Carla Harvey

Unless you’ve watched The Originals you’d probably still be with mixed feelings about Hayley Marshall, the werewolf who tricked Tyler and led him into leading the other hybrids into a Klaus-massacre. But there’s one thing we can all agree on about Hayley, and that is that she’s a badass! And who have our followers chosen to portray her?! None other than the Queen of badass, Carla Harvey.

by Ralph Arvesen

Rebekah Mikaelson

recast for
Lena Scissorhands

The original vampire-sister has lived for more than a thousand years, and somehow managed to remain immature and impulsive. Rebekah have had her “evil” moments, but is probably one of the most humane of the original vampires, showing desperate need for some affection and humanity.
Our followers handed her role to the brutal vocalist, Lena Scissorhands.

by V-spectrum

Bonnie Bennet

recast for
Melissa Bonny

Our followers chose Melissa Bonny to play the powerful witch, Bonnie Bennet. The young and powerful witch plays a huge role in keeping the supernatural beings of Mystic Falls stay in line. Her magical abilities are matched by her courage and love for her best friends Elena and Caroline.
The mighty growler, and Symphonic Metal vocalist would perfectly represent Bonnie’s powerful witchcraft and tight affection.

Caroline Forbes

recast for
Heidi Shepherd

As a human, she was very superficial and weak. As a vampire, she became one hell of a badass character. Caroline was first introduced as the friend of the main character with a weak and troubled personality. When she turned into a vampire, she showed some incredible strength to adjust to her new undead life and using her newfound abilities without turning into a monster. Heidi Shepherd would kill in her character.

Damon Salvatore

recast for
Tommy Karevik

Even if we’re FemMetal, we could not not include the Salvatore brothers in our recast. The role of the evil brother who turns good with time, with real slow time, went to Tommy Karevik.
Damon’s humanity was thought to be completely gone under his fierce and selfish behavior. Meeting Elena and falling in love with her slowly helped him regain his humanity and showed how good he can be. Tommy Karevik would definitely nail it in his role.

Stefan Salvatore

recast for
James Hetfield

The younger Salvatore brother has a lot in common with James Hetfield. The awesome hairdo, the ability to go full “thrashy” at times and controlling oneself to stay calm at other times and probably the reasons you chose Metallica’s icon, James Hetfield to be Stefan Salvatore. I imagine, however, the ones who voted that was had the younger James Hetfield in mind.

Elena Gilbert/Katerina Petrova

recast for
Elize Ryd

The role of Elena Gilbert and her doppelgänger, Katerina Petrova or Katherine Pierce, is probably one of the hardest to play. One is a soft and romantic girl that would die for her friends and family, and the other is a selfish monster that only cares about herself. Nothing is common between the two except for the appearance. You picked none other than the wonderous Elize Ryd to play that sophisticated double-role. Good choice, I’d say!

And that would conclude our recast for The Vampire Diaries. As for the series that you have picked to be recast next month, the majority has picked the one I expected to be first on the list. I will refrain from announcing its name, however, I will say one thing: Winter is coming!

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