‘Harry Potter’ characters Recast

It is finally time to reveal who got the “imaginary” roles for this month’s recast! The franchise in hand was Harry Potter. We asked you earlier this month to pick musicians that would best fit to play 7 female characters from the J.K. Rowling novels-based movies. And here are the results!

Lily J. Potter

The Killing Curse (Avada Kedavra) has no known counter-spell, except for one provided by sacrifice from pure love. Lily displayed such love when she saved infant Harry Potter’s life and died in his stead.

Which musician did our followers recast to play the brave and loving Lily Potter?

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Simone Simons

When you look at Simone’s personality, it is understandable why she was picked to play Lily Potter. Not to mention, the physical similarities are indeniable.

Nymphadora Tonks

The Hufflepuff metamorphmagus, who fought bravely for the Order of the Phoenix, is described to have a bubbly and enthusiastic personality and the ability to easily make friends. Her bravery was vital for the victory of good against the evil of No-Nose-Douche.

Who did our followers choose to play the lovely Tonks?

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Markie Moravkova

Although Markie of Alia Tempora cannot shapeshift at will like Tonks, her lovely personality would definitely help her play the role. (CGI can take care of the shapeshifting thing)

Prof. Minerva McGonagall

The Head of the Gryffindor House in Hogwarts is definitely a character of great importance. Her sternness and courage earned her the respect of every student and colleague. She led the resistance against No-Nose-Douche in the Battle of Hogwarts!

Who did our followers choose to play our favourite professor?

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The German Metal Queen definitely takes us to school when it comes to Metal music. I would imagine she’d be a great Head of Gryffindor/Resistance leader!

Bellatrix Lestrange

An intelligent and natural leader who fought with great devotion for her cause. Unfortunately, her cause was that of her evil master, the No-Nose-Douche

Who did our followers choose to play the diabolical, sadistic, brutal, and violent evil witch, that we all adore?

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Vivs Takahashi

The vocalist of Flowerleaf would have to work hard to portray the evil of Bellatrix. However, if her acting skills are half as good as her singing skills she would definitely ace it!

Luna Lovegood

You know you were vital to the wizardry war when Harry freaking Potter names your girl after you! Luna is a wonderful character with a quirky personality that earned her the name Loony among her peers.

Who did our followers pick to play the Ravenclaw misfit?

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Shirley Tracanna

Shirley’s blonde hair is a plus for her to Luna, but the Wishmasters’ vocalist’s sharp-witted sense of humour would definitely be key for her to be the quirky Ravenclaw.

Ginny Weasley

One of the crime committed by the screenwriters was the way they portrayed Ginny Weasley in the movie. In the books, Ginny is a more independent, funny and courageous young lady who readers, like Harry, fell in love with.

Who did our followers recast for the little Weasley?

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Charlotte Wessels

Wessels was bound to play a Weasley! The Dutch vocalist, not only looks like a grown-up movie Ginny Weasley, but also has the traits of book Ginny Weasley!

Hermione Granger

And finally, the lady of the Golden trio, the best in Harry’s class year, the intellectually curious and ever hard-working, and the girl who punched that jerk Malfoy right in his dumb face, Hermione Granger.

Who did you guys recast for Hermione?

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Sharon den Adel

There are a lot in common between Sharon and Hermione. They are both strong, influential, and magical. The only difference: Sharon’s magic is real!

And that’s it! Thank you again for voting on the recast and for reading this article. Stay in touch to give your vote when we post the stories on Instagram for the next recast, which will be of…

“Averngers! Assemble”

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