‘Tolkien’s Legendarium’ Characters Recast

In an alternate universe, created by our followers on Instagram, and us, where the Tolkien Legendarium (The Lord of the Rings books and trilogy, The Hobbit books and trilogy and The Silmarillion book… etc) was recasted to star Metal musicians, that’s what the results would be. Our followers voted for the musicians they would love to see player six female characters from the world of Middle-earth.


Goldberry is one of the mysteries of Middle-earth. The river-daughter and wife of Tom Bombadill played host for the travelling hobbits on their way through the Old Forest.

Who did you recast to play Goldberry?

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Ulli Perhonen

The vocalist of Snow White Blood, who recently released a new album, would be a wonderful spirit of the river, indeed!


Lúthien, one of the predominant characters of the First Age, risked her life to follow her lover Beren and aid him in his quest of retrieving one of the sirmarils from the original Dark Lord, Melkor.

Who was chosen to play Lúthien?

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Elize Ryd

Yes! Elize Ryd would definitely have the courage to confront Melkor, and she would definitely kick his ass! Her wonderful voice would also help her play the character whose singing enchanted a wounded and weary Beren.


The non-canonical character created for The Hobbit movie trilogy was a necessary evil to portray the Wood-elves in a way viewers can understand. However, love-triangles aside, Tauriel had everything we love about elves!

Who did our Instagram friends chose for the role of Tauriel?

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Zora Cock

The vocalist of Blackbriar would be a wonderful rebel warrior-elf who slays goblins and helps dwarves on a quest!


Arwen was another elf who sacrificed immortality for love. She was of great beauty that Aragorn thought he fell into a dream and was seeing his and her ancestor Lúthien when he first saw her.

Who was chosen to play the Queen of the Reunited Kingdom?

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Celia Do

The Queen of ODC would definitely make a wonderful Arwen. The passion she shows in singing would be vital to play the “Evenstar”!


“But no living man am I! You are looking upon a woman. Eowyn am I, Eomund’s daughter. You stand between me and my lord and kin. Begone, if you be not deathless! For living or dark undead, I will smite you, if you touch him.”
– J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

Who did our followers pick to play the courageous Éowyn, slayer of the Witch-King?

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Angela Gossow

Angela Gossow would probably slay all the Nazgûl with one of her mighty growls! Perfect choice by our followers on Instagram.


Galadriel was the lady of Lothlórien and one of the greatest beings in Middle-earth, having greater wisdom, knowledge, power and beauty than any other elf. The keeper of the ring Nenya helped the fellowship as they passed through Lorien.

Who did our followers recast for lady of the Galadhrim?

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Tarja Turunen

A queen to play the queen! The Symphonic Metal titan with mesmerizing voice is truly an obvious choice to be matched with the elf who destroyed the evil fortress of Dol Goldur single-handedly.

And that’s it for this month’s recast!

What franchise got the most votes for June’s recast? It is…

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