‘The Big Bang Theory’ Characters Recast

And it all started with the big bang! Our followers on Instagram have recasted CBS’s The Big Bang Theory for Metal musicians, and that’s what the new crew looks like. Our followers voted for the musicians they would love to see playing, or believe would best fit the role, of seven female characters from Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady’s hit sitcom.

Alex Jensen

Alex Jensen was Sheldon Cooper’s assistant and Physics doctoral student. Although she only appears for four episodes in season 6, we picked her to represent all the minor characters in the 12-season sitcom for her hilarious role and to give her something back after having to endure being Sheldon Cooper’s assistant. Alex is known for her expressive face, especially when she’s around the gang as her eyes widen in shock.

Who did you pick to play Alex Jensen?

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Jennifer Haben

The vocalist of Beyond the Black has one of the most expressive faces in Metal! Great pick from our awesome followers.

Beverly Hofstadter

Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, award-winning author and psychiatrist, also Leonard’s mother, was one of the most interesting characters in The Big Bang Theory. Her lack of emotions and quirkiness made her a perfect friend for Sheldon, which made Leonard’s life even harder.

Who was chosen to play Beverly?

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Angela Gossow

It would definitely take some large power to portray such a complex character as Beverly, and our followers were right to choose the all-powerful Angela Gossow!

Mary Cooper

Sheldon’s mother is the exact opposite of Leonard’s. The religious Texas woman was all about showing emotions, especially to her special little Shelly. Her contrast with Sheldon’s personality gave the show a great comic light when she appeared on the show.

Who did our Instagram friends chose for the role of Mary Cooper?

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Capri Virkkunen

The vocalist of Amberian Dawn has the talent to perform in many different genres. Our Instagram followers appear to believe she can also ace the Mary Cooper role as well!

Debbie Wolowitz

We don’t see much of Howard Wolowitz’ mother, however, her voice is one of the most remarkable things in the series. We all remember her screaming: “HOWAARD” and her obsessive care of her not so little boy, bringing cookies for him and his little friends.

Who was chosen to play the late Mrs. Wolowitz?

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Alissa White-Gluz

It would take a powerful throat to have Debbie Wolowitz’ voice, and Arch Enemy’s vocalist would definitely shake the ground if she screams “HOWARD”. Good pick guys!

Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz

The microbiologist, interested in little organisms, such as Howard Wolowitz, is famous for her high-pitched voice and the strong personality that scares some of the people around her. Bernie can be the sweetest person you’ve met, but don’t get her mad, or else!

Who did you pick to play Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz?

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Liv Kristine

The Norwegian vocalist, who lately released a new EP, astonishes people with her voice, in a quite different way than Bernadette, though.

Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy Farrah Fowler, who became Mrs Cooper, is one of the fan-favourite characters on the show. She managed to not only change herself into a “cooler” person who can have fun but also was influential in making Sheldon more tolerable, teaching him some human interaction skills.

Who did our followers recast for the Noble prize-winning neurobiologist?

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Anette Olzon

The Swedish vocalist of The Dark Element and former vocalist of Symphonic Metal giants, Nightwish, would definitely rock as Amy!


Finally, the wonderful Penny, the character who was the catalyst of the show and the centre of the evolvement of the characters of Sheldon and Leonard! Penny’s dream was to be an actress, however, she ended up as a pharmaceutical sales rep, married to an experimental physicist. Penny is, without a doubt, one of the best sitcom characters made!

Who did our followers recast for Mrs Hofstadter?

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Kobra Paige

The Canadian vocalist and founder of Kobra and the Lotus is a great pick from our followers!

And that’s it for this month’s recast!

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