FemMetal’s dinosaur, Archie, returns with news about new releases!

October 18th 2021

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara releases ‘Count the Dead’ music video

The UK-based duo with a unique approach to Metal has released yet another single that defies tradition and extends the borders of Metal music. TCOMAS is, without doubt, one of the most progressive bands of our time and the new single ‘Count the Dead’ adds another brick to the sound they’re building. The single was released earlier this month and a music video was premiered on YouTube 3 days ago.

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October 15th 2021

Pressure releases single ‘Am I Too Old’

The Swedish rockers have released their new single with a lyric video. The band now featuring the talent of the vocalist Olli Violet have announced an album due to be released in 2022 that will include ‘Am I Too Old’.

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September 27th 2021

Wave.X releases the debut music video ‘Unwanted Guest’

Ukrainian Metal band Wave.X released a music video for their single ‘Unwanted Guest’. The melodic and beautiful song was given the visuals it deserves by the up-and-coming band. We have interviewed Hanna Demchenko, Wave.X’s frontwoman last April. Read the interview by clicking on my avatar on the left!

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October 8th 2021

Eternal Silence releases ‘Timegate Anathema’

The Italian Symphonic Metal bands released their new album ‘Timegate Anathema’ earlier this month. The album, revolving around the concept of time, had a great melodic and powerful sound to it. On the same day that the album was release, the band also released a music video for the single Edge of the Dream.

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October 15th 2021

Autum’s Grief releases ‘The Dead Don’t Smile’

Noora Virtanen’s band is cruising through the Metal scene with a debut album that reveals a huge potential for the Finnish Metal band. Their debut album ‘The Dead Don’t Smile’ was released last week with a video for the single Pale Heart.

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