FemMetal’s dinosaur, Archie, returns with news about new releases!

Light by the Sea releases debut album ‘Only Death Makes Icons’

“The wonderful day of our musical journey has arrived,” announced the Dutch-Hungarian band on their official Instagram, as today marks the release of their debut album, “Only Death Makes Icons”. The Rock duo formed of Ann My Guard‘s Eszter Anna Baumann and Davy Knobel has been eager to share their new project’s music with their fans, a very understandable thing given how good their music actually is. Trust me, I have a decent experience with Rock, coming from the Stone Age and all. RAWRRR. Light by the Sea also released a music video for ‘Mr. Wonderman’ last week.

A few weeks back, our Vanessa interviewed Eszter Anna Baumann and talked about the album. You can read the interview if you click on my avatar!

Stream ‘Only Death Makes Icons’ on Spotify

Watch ‘Mr. Wonderman’ on YouTube

MoonSun releases ‘Slain by Silence’ music video

We move from one duo to another, as the German band MoonSun has released a music video for their single ‘Slain by Silence’. The song itself is a melodic masterpiece and then the music video comes adding a layer of visual beauty to it. Susanne Scherer’s vocals are soaring higher than a Pterodactyl all song long. Archie loves that!

Benedetta, whom I have been told is not food, talked with Thomas Kolbin in an interview for her lovely column, Beniy Talks Metal! (Beniy is Benedetta’s nickname, also not food). You can read the interview by clicking on me.

Stream ‘Slain by Silence’ on Spotify

Watch ‘Slain by Silence’ on YouTube

October 15th 2021

ElisaDay releases EP ‘Auftakt’

The Russian Symphonic/Melodic Metal band released their new EP ‘Auftakt’ last week. The new EP features their single Inner War, which they have released a music video for last month.

Stream ‘Auftakt’ on Spotify

Watch ‘Inner War’ on YouTube