FemMetal’s dinosaur, Archie, returns with news about new releases!

Violet Blend releases new single ‘Rock DJ’

The Alternative Rock band, Violet Blend, have released a new single today entitled ‘Rock DJ’. The song has a taste of classic Rock N’ Roll with a modern fast and heavy Alternative blend (see what I did there?) Violet Blend is fronted by the talented vocalist Giada Celeste Chelli.

Stream Violet Blend’s new single ‘Rock DJ’

November 19th 2021

Trope release a music video for the song ‘Planes’

Diana Studenberg’s band, Trope, have released a music video for their song ‘Planes’. The Alternative Progressive Rock band filmed the video in three countries – the US, Canada, and Bulgaria, as the band was separated at the time.

Watch Trope’s music videos from ‘Plances’ on YouTube

TCOMAS release new single: ‘The Prophet’

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara have released a new single entitled ‘The Prophet’. The single joins their library of magnificent songs that would make you think.

Stream TCOMAS’s new single ‘The Prophet’

Her Alone releases new single ‘The Last Rays of the Sun’

The Finnish Symphonic Metal band, fronted by Annika Eronen, have released their new single ‘The Last Rays of the Sun’. The new single has to it a heavy and majestic orchestral sound!

Stream ‘The Last Rays of the Sun’ by Her Alone