Time for some release news and some giggles with ARCHIE the METAL Dinosaur!

April 15, 2022

Aevum releases new album “Glitch”

The band “Aevum” have just released their fourth studio album “Glitch” through Darktunes Label. The band, fronted by Lucille Nightshade, have previously released music videos for the songs 7, Black Swan Theory, Austerlitz, and Holy Alix, and have now released a new music video for Lulluby.

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April 1, 2022

GGGOLDDD released “The Shame Should Not Be Mine”

The Dark Alternative band released their fifth studio album at the beginning of this month. The album deals with a personal experience with sexual assault the band’s singer Milena Eva has been through.

On the same day of the album’s release, GGGOLDDD also released a music video for the song Spring.

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Watch the music video for Spring

April 1, 2022

Hungarian Metal band Esperfall released “Origins In Darkness”

The Melodic Metal band Esperfall released their debut album at the beginning of this month. “Origins In Darkness” is a powerful Metal album with a blend of darkness within.

Our fantastic and brilliant editor, Mirk, who is definitely not me BTW, as I’m a real dinosaur, interviewed Nóra Sima, who shakes Earth with her vocals on her band’s first album.

Read the interview by clicking on this cute dinosaur emoji that looks a bit like my cousin Alfred 🦖

Stream “Origins In Darkness” now on Spotify

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April 1, 2022

Rebel Queens released single “Rock Warrior”

Rebel Queens is a Minnesota-based band who are bringing to stage a revival of Rock N Roll music that will make you remember the good old days (Not old as in Stone Age-old, just Rock N Roll-old).

The all-female band released a single “Rock Warrior”, a song that has elements of Hair Metal, Arena Rock, and Hard Rock in. All hail the Rebel Queens!

Watch the music videos for Rock Warrior