We’ve been busy with Metalympics lately, but Archie made the time to tell us about some new releases we’ve missed!

July 15th, 2022

Post Human Sounds releases debut single “Echoes”

Just like Archie did hundreds of thousands of years ago, a new band from Brazil is hatching from a figurative egg. And just like Archie, they sound BIG!

Hailing from São Paulo, and fronted by Letícia Castro, Post Human Sounds have made a big entrance with their debut single “Echoes”. The single was released last Friday and have already collected more than a thousand streams on Spotify in 2 days! The Post Hardcore band will continue to release new singles in the following months.

Stream “Echoes” by Post Human Sounds on Spotify

July 8th, 2022

Victoria K releases the first single “Persephone” from their upcoming album

Australian Symphonic Metal band, Victoria K, has released “Persephone” as the first single from their album which will come out next October. The band, fronted by Victoria Knight, announced lately their plan to release their sophomore album “Kore” with a concept based on the story of Persephone from Greek mythology.

With the release of the first single “Persephone”, the Australian band proved they are skyrocketing through their path toward becoming one of the big names in the Symphonic Metal world, with Victoria Knight leading the path with her immense creativity and euphonious voice.

The single was released with a music video that matches the greatness.

Stream “Persephone” by Victoria K on Spotify

Watch the music video of “Persephone”

July 1st, 2022

TCOMAS release the new album “Trust No Leaders”

The UK-based band released their new album “Trust No Leaders” on the first day of July.

After months of appetisers through singles and music videos, The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara have finally released their main dish. “Trust No Leaders” is the title of the second album by TCOMAS, which was released along with a music video for the song “Pound of Flesh” on the same day.

FemMetal posted a detailed review for the album that you can read if you click here.

Stream “Trust No Leaders” by The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara on Spotify

Watch the music video of “Pound of Flesh”

July 1st, 2022

BEX releases her new single “Bite My Tongue”

Young Punk Rock talent, Bex, has released her second single entitled “Bite My Tongue”. Just like her debut, Bex continues with her powerful Punk Rock sound, jewelled by her creative lyrics, energetic heavy music, as well as her electrifying voice.

“Bite My Tongue” follows “Tiptoe” and was also released with a music video.

FemMetal had the chance to interview Bex. You can read the interview here.

Stream “Bite My Tongue” by BEX on Spotify

Watch the music video of “Bite My Tongue”