We’ve been busy with Metalympics lately, but Archie made the time to tell us about some new releases we’ve missed!

July 8th, 2022

Splintered Throne release their single “The Greater Good of Man”

The Oregon-based Metal band have released a new single “The Greater Good of Man”, taken from their upcoming album with the same title. The band fronted by Lisa Mann has a sound inspired by traditional Heavy Metal, and that essence is portrayed clearly through their new single.

“The Greater Good of Man” is the third single from the upcoming album.

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July 15th, 2022

Sick N Beautiful release new album “Starstruck”

The extra-terrestrial band released their new album “Starstruck” on the 15th of July. The band who conceptualized around aliens from a different world have successfully and once again managed to take their fans to their universe, their music being the vessel.

Along with the album “Starstruck”, Sick N Beautiful released a single and music video for the song “Tonight We Go To War”. The band who landed in Italy from outer space previously released music videos for the songs “Starstruck”, “Drop It 2 the B”, and “This Is Not the End”.

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Watch the music videos for singles taken from “Starstruck”

July 9th, 2022

Masha and the Fam release a new single “Notice”

Masha and the Fam, a Los Angeles band fronted by Masha Alexis, released a new single entitled “Notice”. Masha and the Fam cook a beautiful music meal with ingredients from Rock, Blues, and Soul. In addition to the traditional Rock band instruments, the band features a trumpet and saxophone, which enriches their music with a variety of sounds and widens the spectrum of their melodies.

“Notice” is taken from “After Dark”, the upcoming album by Masha and the Fam.

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Watch the music video for “Notice”

July 15th, 2022

Graveshadow release the new album “The Uncertain Hour”

The Sacramento band have released their new studio album “The Uncertain Hour” on the 15th of July. The Gothic/Symphonic Metal band kicked off their tour with VINTERSEA as well on the same date.

The third album by Graveshadow showcases the band’s epic, heavy and intense sound. Prior to the full album release, the band released three singles to set the path for the new record.

Stream “The Uncertain Hour” by Graveshadow on Spotify

Watch the music video for “Soldier of 34”