September 30, 2022

April Art release a deluxe edition of their album “POKERFACE”

Earlier this year, German band April Art released a new album called Pokerface. Late last month, their album’s deluxe edition was released! Lisa-Marie buttresses the album with her vocals that have the power of an asteroid colliding with Earth (Trust me, I know). Additional beauties of songs were added to the already loaded album while music videos for the songs “Try” and “Headline” were also released.

Our human reporter Mirkwood has interviewed Lisa-Marie lately, and you can read the interview by clicking here with your puny little human fingers. You can also expect a review for the album to be posted soon on FemMetal!

Stream “POKERFACE (Deluxe)” by April Art on Spotify

Watch music video from “POKERFACE”

September 23rd, 2022

OvO releases new album “Ignoto”

Italian duet OvO, featuring the talent of vocalist Stefania Pedretti released their 10th album! The Noise Rock experienced band have been making good music for 22 years and the year 2022 will be another year they produce a full-length album putting their talent on display.

However, don’t let the fact OvO have been around for more than two decades, a bit less than the lifespan of a T-rex, make you think they have settled for a typical sound. “Ignoto” shows that the duet are still experimenting and working on delivering a fresh sound to their fans!

Stream “Ignoto” by OvO on Spotify

September 21st, 2022

Eternal Closure release “At the Center of It All – Chapter I”

The Canadian band released a new album called “At the Center of It All – Chapter I”. Just like my pal, the Tricera-tops, Eternal Closure also tops the scene with their progressive Metal music while their talented vocalist Katrine Castonguay shakes Earth and a few nearby planets with her wondrous voice.

Speaking of their talented vocalist Katrine Castonguay, our human editor Mirkwood was able to interview her earlier! Read the interview by clicking here.

Stream “At the Center of It All – Chapter I” by Eternal Closure on Spotify

Watch the music video for “Practice What You Preach”

September 23rd, 2022

Dust Prophet release new Song “Dear Mrs Budd”

Dust Prophet will be releasing a new album in the first month of the year 2023, which is really close come to think about and damn did 2022 pass really quick! Back to the subject, the Doom Metal trio released a song called “Dear Mrs Budd” last month, giving their fans a taste of what their album will be like.

Check it out below. Dust Prophet features the talent of Sarah Wappler at Bass and Keyboards.

Stream “Dear Mr Budd” by Band on Dust Prophet

…and youtube!