October 14th, 2022

Eleine release “Acoustic in Hell” EP

Symphonic Metal band Eleine released their new EP “Acoustic In Hell”, a collection of eight of their most iconic songs played acoustically. Eleine, formed in 2014 in Sweden and fronted by the wonderful Madeleine Liljestam, released three studio albums to date.

The Swedish band is set to go on tour across Europe after their release. On the same day the EP was released, a music video for “Ava of Death – Acoustic” was also unveiled.

Stream “Acoustic in Hell” by Eleine on Spotify

Watch the music video for Ava Of Death – Acoustic

October 14th, 2022

Lacuna Coil release “Comalies XX”

The Italian Gothic Metal icons have re-released their 2002 album “Comalies” adding two X’s to its name and a huge deal of the experience they have collected in the twenty years. Lacuna Coil reinvented their third studio album which is recognized as a Gothic Metal classic and even a genre-defining album among some critics.

Lacuna Coil also released the singles “Tight Rope XX” and “Swamped XX” with music videos from the regenerated “Comalies XX”.

Stream “Comalies XX” by Lacuna Coil on Spotify

Watch the music video from “Comalies XX”

October 14th, 2022

Victoria K release their second album “Kore”

On the same day veteran Metal icons, Lacuna Coil, were re-releasing their third album, icons-in-the-making Vicotria K also released their second studio album “Kore”. The Australian band fronted by Victoria Knight released their new album that was inspired by Greek mythology, specifically the Homeric Hymn to Demeter telling the story of Persephone.

Along with the album release, Vicotria K released a new single and music video for the song “Pomegranate”. The new single, like all the other songs on the album, tells a part of the story of Persephone.

Stream “Kore” by Victoria K on Spotify

Watch the music video from “Kore”

October 16th, 2022

Madame Neptune releases new song “The Ghost In Me” with a music video

German’s Madame Neptune released a new song with a music video. Madame Neptune has the ability to captivate their listeners with their dark melodies fused with Rock music. When you add the visuals we see in “The Ghost In Me”, addiction is almost guaranteed.

Watch the music video for “The Ghost In Me”