October 16th, 2022

KÄLAD release new single “After The Storm”

Mexican Symphonic Metal band, Kälad, has released their fourth single “After The Storm”. The young band who released “Inner Tide” earlier this year returned with a new single in mid-October to impress their fans with their progressing sound and talent in “After The Storm”.

A music video was released as well for the new single.

Stream “After The Storm” by Band on Spotify

Watch the music video for “After The Storm”

October 21st, 2022

Chez Kane releases new album “Powerzone”

British Rocker Chez Kane released her second album “Powerzone”. This would be Chez Kane’s second album after her self-titled debut in 2021. The young musician returned to showcase her talent in making and performing wonderful Rock music in “Powerzone”.

Our own Taylor Cameron interviewed Chez Kane and wrote a review about the new album. Check them out!

Stream “Powerzone” by Chez Kane on Spotify

Watch the music video from “Powerzone”

October 25th, 2022

GOLGOTHA release new album “Mors Diligentis”

The Spanish Doom Metal band have returned with new vocalists and a new album. “Mors Diligentis” was released at the end of October, featuring vocalists María J. Lladó and Miriam Vallés. The Doom Metal band was formed in 1992, and their new album combines the experience with a renewed sound.

Stream “Mors Diligentis” by GOLGOTHA on Spotify

Watch the lyric video for “Waiting for my Death” from “Mors Diligentis”

October 28th, 2022

MindAhead release new album “6119 Part 1”

The Italian band MindAhead released their new album “6119 Part 1”. Like their debut released in 2017, the new album is also a concept album that carries on with the story started with the debut “Reflections”.

The Progressive Metal band is fronted by Kyo Calati, whom we had the chance to interview. Check out the interview here.

Stream “6119 Part 1” by MindAhead on Spotify

Watch the music videos from “6119 Part 1”