November 11th 2022

Epica release “The Alchemy Project”

I think anyone who doesn’t live under a rock would know about this release by now. I live in the stone age and have heard about it already. Epica have finally released their mini-album “The Alchemy Project”, a project to celebrate their 20th year anniversary. This album features 7 songs in which on each song Epica plays host for bands and musicians who collaborated with them in the writing and recording.

Our human guy, Mirk Wood, wrote a full review of the album. I haven’t read it because dinosaurs can’t read, but here’s a link if you, a human, would like to.

On the same day, Epica releases a majestic music video for “Sirens – Of Blood And Water” which featured Charlotte Wessels and Myrkur.

Stream “The Alchemy Project” by Epica on Spotify

Watch the music video for “Sirens – Of Blood And Water”

November 4th 2022

Iron Kingdom release a new album “The Blood Of Creation”

Canadian band Iron Kingdom released their new album “The Blood of Creation”. The band’s fifth album includes among its tracks a trilogy telling the story of creation based on Mesopotamian myths. “The Blood Of Creation” is a fantastic jaw-dropping Power Metal album. Iron Kingdom features Megan Merrick as the lead guitarist.

Stream “The Blood of Creation” by Iron Kingdom on Spotify

Watch the music video of “Queen Of The Crystal Throne” from The Blood Of Creation

November 4th 2022

Evraak release their debut album “Evraak I”

Japanese Progressive Rock band Evraak have released their debut album “Evraak I”. The band, formed in 2018 and fronted by Marina Seo, delivers a great Progressive Rock sound with melancholic and gothic elements. The band also features Miki Hasegawa on keyboards.

Stream “Evraak I” by Evraak on Spotify

Watch the video from “Evraak I”

November 4th 2022

The Privateer release “The Darkest Shadow Of Life” single with a lyric video

German Metal band The Privateer will be releasing their new studio album in the first month of 2023. However, they gave their fans some appetizers to what’s waiting for them as they released the single “The Darkest Shadow Of Life”. The band which embeds elements of classic Heavy Metal, Death Metal and Folk Metal writes music inspired by stories from the sea, such as myths and hidden treasures.

The Privateer is fronted by Clara Held who plays the violin alongside vocals.

Stream “The Darkest Shadow Of Life” by The Privateer on Spotify

Watch the lyric video for “The Darkest Shadow Of Life”