Interview with Raquel Subtil (Secret Chord)

Last year, Portuguese Metal band Secret Chord released their new album "Aurora". The band with elements from Alternative, Gothic and Symphonic Metal in their music are fronted by...

Interview with Fabii Isabelle (InerthyA)

InerthyA is a band from Chile who have only just emerged into the Metal scene with the single "Anymore". The band's talented vocalist Fabii Isabelle talked with us about her...

Interview with Maria Barrios (Meei)

I am so lucky to say that I've been the first person to interview the lead singer of Meei, an incredible band from Spain. With Maria, we have talked about so many things....

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara – “Trust No Leaders” Album Review

FemMetal Rating ★★★★★★★★ 8/10 ...When "Full Spectrum" was an album amiable for fans of Heavy Metal and Literature, "Trust No Leaders" expanded the boundaries to be one that would...

Your guide to Metalympics 2022

Metalympics 2022 will be the fourth edition of the annual FemMetal game event. The purpose of the event is to bring fans together to have fun, communicate, learn and get to know...

Degrees of Truth + Nocturna + Volturian LIVE REPORT

It is always a special occasion when bands decide to present their albums to the audience for the first time, and the event of last Saturday was announced to be full of...

Interview with Veronica Driven (Break Me Down)

Italian Alternative Metal band, Break Me Down, released their first single with their new vocalist, Veronica Driver, about a month ago, along with a music video. The song holding...

Interview with Olli Violet (Pressure)

I had the opportunity to chat with Olli Violet from the Swedish Metal band, Pressure, who have recently released a new album, "In A Dark Heart We Trust”. A few weeks ago, we...

Interview with Rioghan Darcy

Rioghan is a Finnish musical project by singer, Rioghan Darcy, who is set to release her debut album in 2022. Rioghan's music embraces elements of Gothic and Progressive Metal....

Interview with Liss Eulenherz (Madame Neptune)

Madame Neptune is a new band from Germany who have put together an interesting and enchanting Rock sound that they've already showcased with two singles so far. We had the chance...

Interview with Dorottya Szőllősi (Auraleak)

Dorottya "Dora" Szőllősi is the drummer of the Hungarian band Auraleak who lately released their first two singles. Learn more about Dora, her inspirations, her thoughts and her...

Helle Bohdanova, from Kyiv, Ukraine: “I wish everyone who is facing any form of aggression and oppression to find their way to stand up and fight.” – Interview with IGNEA’s vocalist

On the 24th of February 2022, Vladimir Putin appeared in a televised address, uttered bogus claims and lies, and effectively declared war on Ukraine. With these words, Putin...

Orion Summer Fest Part I – LIVE REPORT

Even though here at FemMetal, we want to bring awareness and spread the word about female artists in rock and metal, unfortunately, the last event I attended didn't have any...

The Damnnation – “Way of Perdition” Album Review

FemMetal Rating ★★★★★★ 6/10 "Way of Perdition" is a quality album that revealed the great potential that The Damnnation have to become one of the great bands in the Thrash/Death...

Interview with Larissa Liveir

Exceeding 600 thousand followers on Instagram, and moving steadily towards the 1 millionth subscriber on YouTube, Larissa Liveir is a self-made guitarist and social media...

A Punk Rocker Is Born – Interview with Bex!

Bex is a young singer, songwriter, and bassist, who has recently emerged into the scene with a Punk Rock anthem entitled "Tiptoe". Her single, released last May, captured...

Pressure – “In A Dark Heart We Trust” Album Review

The Swedish band Pressure will be releasing a new album entitled “In A Dark Heart We Trust” tomorrow (3rd of June). FemMetal authors Jad and Benedetta have written their reviews for the album.

Interview with Nancy Mos (Fortis Ventus)

There are simply too many good things people wait for as the curtain for the month of June unfolds. The summer, the warmth of the sun, the beaches, the delicious fruits, and of...

Isola Rock 2022 – Live Report

I have the luck of living in Northern Italy, which means most concerts and festivals are being held here. And one of them is Isola Rock: while residing a few kilometers from...

Interview with Kat Leon (Holy Wars)

Holy Wars is an Alternative band from Los Angeles, California, who are using every colour available in the music palette to create a unique and heavy sound that their fans can...


by Archie the Dinosaur


by Benedetta Baldin

Orion Summer Fest Part I – LIVE REPORT
Orion Summer Fest Part I – LIVE REPORT

Even though here at FemMetal, we want to bring awareness and spread the word about female artists in rock and metal, unfortunately, the last event I attended didn't have any female artists. Nonetheless, I was excited to take part and report what I saw....

Interview with Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica)
Interview with Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica)

Today is Valentine's Day, and to celebrate love in all its forms, why not post an interview with a singer and composer whom I deeply admire? He's the one and only, the master of Finnish melodic metal, Tony Kakko!...

Interview with Paolo Campitelli (Kalidia, ScreaMachine, Kaledon)
Interview with Paolo Campitelli (Kalidia, ScreaMachine, Kaledon)

The Italian metal scene is full of talented people, and that makes me particularly proud. One of them is definitely the guest of this interview, Paolo Campitelli. He is involved in several projects, and after meeting him in person, I've had the pleasure of chatting...

Interview with Thomas Kolbin (MoonSun)
Interview with Thomas Kolbin (MoonSun)

If you ask anyone who is Benedetta's favourite band, they'll reply "MoonSun". And since today is the release of their brand-new single "Slain By Silence", I have interviewed their composer, guitarist, bass player and drummer Thomas Kolbin....

Interview with Martin Mendez (Opeth/White Stones)
Interview with Martin Mendez (Opeth/White Stones)

There's no two without three. And the third interview for Beniy Talks Metal is the wonderful bass player and composer Martin Mendez, who just released a new record. https://open.spotify.com/album/7DTiAs8CkkqDCBPuTa1HXR?si=kWMFNhbbRlW1pHgpu3oizg Interview Hello Martin,...


by Vanessa K

Can you guess these bands from emojis?
Can you guess these bands from emojis?

Here's a challenge for all of you Metal fans! 🤘🖤🎸 Can you guess which band I'm referring to through emojis? The emojis represent the band's name, sometimes using wordplay and double meanings, or a song or album the band is famous for. I added in some cases a flag to...

The V-Thoughts Quickies Volume I
The V-Thoughts Quickies Volume I

When I was younger I wanted to be a stand-up comedian. I've always loved writing jokes and making people laugh. I still love writing jokes and coming up with humorous comments. In fact, the idea behind V-Thoughts on FemMetal was initially writing quick jokes out of...

How I Became a Metalhead
How I Became a Metalhead

The full story of how I escaped the dungeons of pop culture into the realms of Metal Chapter 1: A shameful past Like any Metal fan, my story begins with Taylor Swift. Wait and see, doggo. Wait and see. In 2006, Taylor Swift released her first album "Fearless", with...

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