FemMetal Services – Artists Section

Our goal is to promote and celebrate female artists in Metal and Rock genres, especially new and underground bands. Here are a list of services we provide.

Instagram Posts

If we haven’t posted about you yet on Instagram, just tell us here. and we’d be happy to do so. Many of our followers told us they got to know new favourite bands because of our features which include a small description of the artist’s musical style, links to their and their band’s Instagram, and the recommended songs that we have chosen for that artist.

Album Reviews and Ratings

Our team would love to write a review for and rate your album or EP. We also review singles. Our team lists the things they like about the album and why they like them, and give feedback in a way described by many as fun and detailed. If you’d like us to review your record, please fill in the form below.


We would love to interview any woman who performs in a Rock or Metal band, no matter how popular that band is. We ask questions about music, feminism, and life experiences. We do not go into the personal life, nor do we use parts of the answers to make a scoop or a click bait.

If you’d like us to interview you, please contact us here.

Featured Videos

If you released any music videos and like them be featured on our homepage/featured videos page, we would love to do that. Please fill in the form below.

FemMetal Events

We offer our visitor a calendar with the upcoming concerts and gigs by female fronted bands. If you’d like your events to appear on that calendar please send us an email at contact@femmetal.rock

Besides the dates, please include the names of the venue, city, and country and the tour name if it is part of one.


FemMinist is a service we offer to tackle abuse and harassment that women have encountered. We encourage fans and artists to tell us any story they’d like to share so we can all learn from them. For more information please click here.