FemMetal Services – Artists Section

Our goal is to promote and celebrate female artists in Metal and Rock genres, especially new and underground bands. Here are a list of services we provide.

Social Media Posts

If we haven’t posted about you yet on our social media, just tell us and we’d be happy to do so. Many of our followers told us they got to know new favourite bands because of our features which include an ‘artist card’ that states the artist’s name, instrument, country and band name, along with links to their and their band’s Instagram. Our features are made to fit into our unique Instagram layout, but are also shared on our Facebook and Twitter pages. You can make our job easier by sending a photo to contact@femmetal.rocks.

News Feature

Have you recently released a single, music video, EP, or album? We’d be glad to write a news entry about it. News entries are short posts on our website that visitors can see the most recent ones of them on a ticker on the top of the homepage. When posted, news articles get a story on our Instagram.

Album Reviews and Ratings

We would love to write a review for and rate your album or EP. We also review singles. We lists the things they like about the album and why we like them, and give feedback in a way described by many as fun and detailed.


We would love to interview any woman who performs in a Rock or Metal band, no matter how popular that band is. We ask questions about music, feminism, and life experiences. We do not go into the personal life, nor do we use parts of the answers to make a scoop or a click bait.

Featured Videos

If you released any music videos and like them be featured on our homepage/featured videos page, we would love to do that. Please fill in the form below.

My Special Mixtape

If you’ve had an article before (review or interview) posted on here, My Special Mixtape is a great way to let our readers get to know your musical background better. Visit this page to read the details.

Join a band!

If you’re a female musician looking for a band, we can help you find one. Visit this page and fill in your info and we will add you to our list of contacts.


FemMinist is a service we offer to tackle abuse and harassment that women have encountered. We encourage fans and artists to tell us any story they’d like to share so we can all learn from them. For more information please click here.