Challenges & Quests – FAW 2021

Complete one of the following quests to earn big points for your team!

Don’t forget to take screenshots to prove the quest or challenge completion, and send it to the game maker.
The limit is the number of times a single player can complete the challenge throughout the whole event, not the total number of completions by all players.


Correct FemMetal

Find any mistake or error in any question in the quizzes and send the mistake to the game maker.

Prize: 100 points
Limit: Infinite


Make A Meme

Make a meme related to your band and send it to the game maker. It has to be funny!

Prize: 2000 points


Get to know a band

Explore to find a new band. When you think you know the band enough, tell the game maker.

Prize: 1,000 points
Limit: 3


Solve the Annoying Quiz

Go to this page and solve the most annoying quiz on the planet. IF you get a 100, show the game maker a screenshot.

Prize: 2,000 points
Limit: 1
Team Limit: 5


Adopt a wild animal

WWF is an organization that works globally to protect precious habitats. You can help them by adopting a wild animal. Don’t worry, you won’t have to bring a lion or an elephant to your house. All you have to do is fund one of their programs with monthly payments that begin with £3. You will receive an adoption certificate along with other goodies. Here’s a link:
Don’t forget to show a screenshot to the game maker.

Prize: 3,000 points
Limit: 2


Purchase anything from LEGIONS

The official FemMetal store will help us fund our future projects that will continue to support women in Metal and feminism. Purchase anything from, and show the game maker the receipt.

Prize: 5,000 points

Limit: 1


World Dominion

Build an army and invade the world, the whole world. When the whole world is under your dominion, send a selfie to the game maker.
P.S. This quest is a joke. Do not attempt any invasions.

Prize: 100,000,000 points

Limit: 1