Detective’s office

Case: who killed Lloyd the mailman?

Hello detective. Here are the files and of each of the four suspects.

Rick Green

Rick is Lloyd’s neighbor. They recently had a heated argument when Lloyd hid documents that prove Rick could be involved in unethical business. This could be the motive. He says he was having dinner and watching TV when the crime occurred, but couldn’t present an alibi.

He is an electrical engineer. He is also a professional swimmer. Of course, he takes his glasses off while swimming.

Kristen Potts

Kristen is Lloyd’s ex-girlfriend. She broke up with him after catching him cheated on her. That could be her motive. She claims she was at her toys shop cleaning when the crime occurred. She runs the shop alone, so she couldn’t present an alibi.

Besides owning the toys shop that sells all sorts of toys such as board games, playing cards, dolls and video games, her Instagram is full of pictures of her hiking.

Curtis Plank

Curtis is Lloyd’s friend. The motive could be a recent fight when they won a lottery ticket and Lloyd didn’t give Curtis the share they agreed on. Curtis claims he was practicing his new card trick when the crime occurred. He wasn’t able to present an alibi.

Curtis is a car mechanic by day and a magician by night.

John Collins

John is Lloyd’s neighbor. They keep arguing about car parking and other neighbors say they hate each other to the bones. This could be the motive. John claims he was on his way to the casino when the crime occurred. No alibi could be presented.

John is a plumber and a poker player.

Lloyd’s murderer have left three clues around on the website. The clues are hidden in previous posts in the website’s magazine. Find the clues and you’ll find out the criminal.

Once you’ve found out who the criminal is, send his/her name to our Instagram post with the evidence that lead you to believe s/he’s the murderer. A name alone is not enough. You’ll have to explain how you got to that conclusion.