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Events for November 2019

Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
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Alia Tempora – (MX) Sala Traffic, Toluca

Morphide – (LV) Melna Piektdiena, Riga

Ravdina – (LV) Melna Piektdiena, Riga

Morphide – (LT) Narauti, Vilnius

Ravdina – (LT) Narauti, Vilnius

Morphide – (PL) Offside, Warsaw

Ravdina – (PL) Offside, Warsaw

Morphide – (CZ) Klub 007 Strahov, Prague

Ravdina – (CZ) Klub 007 Strahov, Prague


Morphide – (PL) Alive, Wroclaw

Ravdina – (PL) Alive, Wroclaw

Morphide – (PL) Jambar, Szczecinie

Ravdina – (PL) Jambar, Szczecinie

Morphide – (PL) Dark Side Festival, Gubin

Ravdina – (PL) Dark Side Festival, Gubin

Morphide – (PL) Elektrownia, Zagan

Ravdina – (PL) Elektrownia, Zagan

Morphide – (PL) Bunkier, Gdańsk

Ravdina – (PL) Bunkier, Gdańsk

Edge of Paradise – (SE) Kraken, Stockholm

Edge of Paradise – (NO) Parkteatret, Oslo

Edge of Paradise – (NO) Byscenen, Trondheim


Edge of Paradise – (SE) Folkets Park, Trollhattan

Edge of Paradise – (DK) Train, Aarhus

Edge of Paradise – (DE) Bi Nuu, Berlin

Edge of Paradise – (DE) MS Connexion Complex, Mannheim

Edge of Paradise – (DE) Hellraiser, Leipzig


Edge of Paradise – (SK) Rates Arena, Zvolen

Edge of Paradise – (RO) Form Space, Cluj Napoca

Edge of Paradise – (BG) Music Jam Club, Sofia

Sumo Cyco – (GB) The Joiners, Southampton

Edge of Paradise – (HU) Barba Negra, Budapest

Sumo Cyco – (GB) The Globe, Cardiff

Edge of Paradise – (AT) ((Szene)), Vienna

Sumo Cyco – (GB) The Exchange, Bristol

Edge of Paradise – (CH) Z7, Pratteln

Crystal Viper – (PT) RCA Club, Lisboa

Sumo Cyco – (GB) Rebellion, Manchester

Crystal Viper – (ES) Forum Celticum, Coruna

Sumo Cyco – (GB) Underworld, London

Edge of Paradise – (IT) Hall, Padova

Crystal Viper – (ES) The Golden Garden Club, Burgos

Sumo Cyco – (GB) Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes

Edge of Paradise – (IT) Live Club, Milan

Crystal Viper – (ES) Cafe de la Teatre, Lleida

Edge of Paradise – (FR) Le Ninkasi Kao, Lyon

Crystal Viper – (ES) Sala Nazea, Madrid

Sumo Cyco – (GB) Key Club, Leeds

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