Dark Angels vs. Constellations – Third Place of Fandoms At War

Third Place Match ended

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Some Tips & Rules

  • The quiz contains 18 questions that are taken from a pool of questions randomly.
  • You have 5 minutes to finish the quiz. Once your time is over the quiz will be automatically submitted.
  • Of course, you can google search every question. However, since the quiz time is limited, it would be smarter to try to guess some questions with common sense.
  • In case you left any questions unanswered you can go back by clicking “previous” to answer them.
  • Always check the section “Quests and Mysteries” before you take the quiz. Solving mysteries and quests would reward your team 250-1000 points.
  • If you find any error (wrong answer, typo…) please tell us! You’ll earn your team 100 points.
Third Place


Match has ended


Dark Angels
7,073 8,521

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