Fandoms At War 2020

This page will contain the stage by stage procedure of everything taking place in the events of Fandoms At War. Detailed explanations and updates of what will happen and is happening and has happened at each stage will be stated below. This page can also be used to enter the challenges, although a unique page for each stage will be made and linked below.

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Pre-qualification: Registration Stage


Anyone can register a band suggesting a name for its fandom. All registrations will be placed and grouped by the bands.

The top 32 bands will qualify for the next stage, the groups stage.

We will pick the best suggested name for each fandom. And the first person who suggested that name will be chosen as Team leader and will also get to choose the banner for the fandom throughout the competition.


When the subscriptions deadlines for this stage comes, the job of the fans be over. But before we move into the next stage, the fandoms need to be divided into 8 groups of 4.

To do that, we will divide the 32 qualified fandoms into 4 pots. The first 8 will be placed in Pot A, the second 8 in B, the third 8 in C and fourth in D. Then, in a live video we will draw one name from each pot for each group. So, each group will have one name from pot A, one from pot B, one from pot C and another from pot D. (This means that the higher your team is in the nomination stage, the easier group they’ll be in)

The draw will take place on the 25th of June.

And now we are ready to the Group Stage.


This year the competition will be different. The fandom does not get points from simple votes. Fans have to answer questions of Metal trivia, solve mysteries and get to know some new bands to give their fandom precious points.

Details about the games will be announced at the beginning of each stage.

The Group Stage

The 32 fandoms are divided in 8 groups each containing 4.

Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E, Group F, Group G, Group H.

Now fans will be able to score points for their teams by solving quizzes and playing trivia games. Before the quiz begins, the fans are asked which fandom they’d like to send their points to. So let’s say a quiz is made of 10 questions and the fan answers 8 of these 10 questions correctly, then 80 points will be given to the fandom the player selected.

At the end, the 1st and 2nd team from each group qualify to the next stage.

The Round of 16

Sixteen fandoms have been knocked out from Fandoms At War. This means that sixteen remain.

The remaining 16 teams are lined up to face each other in the following way:

Match 1:Winner of Group Avs.Runner-up of Group B
Match 2:Winner of Group Bvs.Runner-up of Group A
Match 3:Winner of Group Cvs.Runner-up of Group D
Match 4:Winner of Group Dvs.Runner-up of Group C
Match 5:Winner of Group Evs.Runner-up of Group F
Match 6:Winner of Group Fvs.Runner-up of Group E
Match 7:Winner of Group Gvs.Runner-up of Group H
Match 8:Winner of Group Hvs.Runner-up of Group G

The losers from each match are eliminated from the competition. The winners qualify to the Quarter Finals.

The Quarter Finals

The 8 remaining teams are lined up to face each other in the following way:

QF 1:Winner of Match 1vs.Winner of Match 5
QF 2:Winner of Match 2vs.Winner of Match 6
QF 3:Winner of Match 3vs.Winner of Match 7
QF 4:Winner of Match 4vsWinner of Match 8

The losers from each match are eliminated from the competition. The winners qualify to the Semi Finals.

The Semi-Finals

The final four teams are lined up to face each other in the following way:

SF 1:Winner of QF 1vs.Winner of QF 2
SF 2:Winner of QF 3vs.Winner of QF 4

The losers from each match play a third-place match to determine the third place winner. The winners qualify to the Finals.

Third Place Match

Loser of SF 1vs.Loser of SF 2


Winner of SF 1vs.Winner of SF 2

And we have one winner!

Rules and Regulations

Stating the obvious, cheating is not allowed. Replaying the quiz over and over again to give more points to your team is in fact encouraged. However, using bots or hacking the competition will result in your fandom being disqualified or points being deducted.

This might be a war, but we’re not savages and it’s a peaceful war. So insulting fans of other bands on social media comments will result in 10 points deducted for each reported incident.