FAW 2020 – GROUP D

Few tips before you start taking this quiz:

  • The quiz contains 10 questions that are taken from a pool of questions randomly.
  • You have 2 minutes to finish the quiz. Once your time is over the quiz will be automatically submitted.
  • Of course, you can google search every question. However, since the quiz time is limited, it would be smarter to try to guess some questions with common sense.
  • In case you left any questions unanswered you can go back by clicking “previous” to answer them.
  • New questions will be added during the group stage.
  • Always check the section “Quests and Mysteries” before you take the quiz. Solving mysteries and quests would reward your team 250-1000 points.
  • If you find any error (wrong answer, typo…) please tell us! You’ll earn your team 100 points.

The quiz has expired!

Quests and mysteries

Quest: Conquer The Mega Quiz

You will need to score 100% on The Mega Quiz to achieve this quest. First 3 people to do so will win the prize
Follow this link to solve the quiz

Quest status: Active
Prize: 1000 points

Quest: Who killed the mailman

Hello detective!
Lloyd the mailman was found murdered. The murder weapon was found and it has no fingerprints. We have 4 suspects. I have investigated each of the suspects and left a file about them in your office.
Follow this link to see the files.

Quest status: Solved
Prize: 1000 points
Winner: MoonSun

Quest: Kill the dragon, Krog

Greetings warrior!
Your quest is to slay the mighty dragon Krog. To do this, you must first find the lair where the beast is hiding.
q The scouts of the kingdom have already located the lair. Afraid of the message being intercepted by the evil goblins serving the beast, they’ve sent you the map in a hidden message. Follow this link to see the message.

Quest status: Solved
Prize: 1000 points
Winner: MoonSun


Solve the following mystery and then send the answer to our Instagram page.

“Every house has a door and a key
but Home is where the key you need
Find the hidden word here
Among the lines that you read
And then the answer you will know
for it’s the songbird of our creed”

Quest status: Solved
Prize: 1000 points
Answer: Simone Simons. The “Home” (capitalized on purpose) is the Home page of the website. There you would have found the key
“3 – 1 – 1;
1 – 1 – 1;
2 – 3 – 1;
5 – 4 – 2;
6 – 2 – 2″
This is a key to find a word from the lines of the riddle. (line, word, letter just like in the movies!). So the word would be ‘FEINT’. In the last two lines, the correct answer is the “songbird” which means female singer, of the word. Which makes the answer the vocalist of Epica, Simone Simons.

Winner: Visions of Atlantis


Solve the following riddle. Send your answer to our official Instagram page.

“Poeple of science about me debate
some say that matter I create
but even those who undermine my role
still study how I extend and vibrate
My movement makes the sounds you love
and even some of those you hate”

Quest status: Solved
Prize: 500 points
Answer: String. Scientists debate if point particles are actually a string (string theory), and so strings according to String theorists create all matter. The movement or vibration of strings create most sounds, be it in a guitar or piano, be it a good or a bad song.
Winner: Baby Butchers


This bookmark appeared on one of the recent articles on FemMetal. Your quest is to find this article. The first person to find the bookmark and send it to our Instagram page in a direct message wins.

Quest status: Solved
Prize: 1000 points
Answer: In the recent interview/review with Beatriz Bennet of Murmur, this bookmark was included jokingly so readers can know where they reached after a standing ovation.
Winner: The Jeffs

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