FemMetal Awards 2020 Nomination Draft

Hello board members, and welcome to the FemMetal Awards 2020 Nomination Draft.

Below are some info about what we need you to do at this stage. To know all about the event itself you can visit the event General Info page by clicking here.

In the bottom of this page, there is a button that will lead you to an online drafting paper. Before you go there please read the following guidelines:

The Awards

When you go to the drafting page you will see the awards list. Most are clear from the name, but the three vocals awards might be confusing. So here’s a hint on how to know where the artist you want to nominate belongs.

  1. All vocalists who perform clean vocals in Symphonic Metal bands fall under Operatic Vocals.
  2. All vocalists who perform in Gothic Metal, Power Metal, or any form of Progressive Metal (Folk, Pagan, Viking, Pirate…etc) bands fall under Operatic Vocals if they sing in clean operatic vocals (soprano, mezzo-soprano…etc)
  3. All vocalists who growl, grunt, or scream fall under Aggressive Vocals, no matter the genre.
  4. All Alternative Metal and Rock genres vocalists (Punk, Alt Rock, Indie Rock…) that do not scream often fall under Clean Vocals.

If it is still unclear where the vocalist you want to nominate belongs, feel free to ask me.

One final note about the Image & Performance Award. This is not an award for the physical appearance of the artist. This is related to the concept art and image of the band. Last year we nominated individuals so it was a bit unclear. This year we made it a band award. Bands with great costume that are related to their music’s concept, or bands that create great visuals in their music videos and stage performances are to be nominated there.

Format and Colours

Just so can know who nominated who, please use the colour assigned for you here. As you will notice, this year I (Jad) won’t be part of the board. That is because I wanted the board to be completely female/non-binary. If you don’t like the colour assigned to you and you see one that you like available, please tell me.

Anastasia MarinYellow
Anastasia SmithPurple
Bernadett Dark Green
BettyLight Green
VanessaDark Red

I’ve added a row to show the format best used to make everything visible and avoid getting names written twice. If the artist is not in a band please write “solo” in place of the band name.


FemMetal Awards is a competition to choose the best out of the new, underground and unknown bands and artists. Therefore there are certain criteria we should follow to choose our nominees. Please take the following into consideration:

  1. Artists can only be nominated if they have less than 45k followers on the Instagram of their band’s page.
  2. Artists can only be nominated if they have made a major release (album, EP) or more than 3 singles in the last year. (Cover songs released in a music video count as a single)
  3. The following bands are banned from the competition for various reasons: Dakesis, Immortal Bird, Frozen Crown.

As for cover artists, anyone with the following met can be nominated:

  1. 3 or more videos of complete songs covers shared on YouTube or any other video-sharing platform or social media.
  2. Videos should be either an instrumental or a vocal cover. Playthroughs do not count.

Deadline for drafting is November 22 2020

Thank you for your time and effort.