FemMetal Ratings

How does it work?

FemMetal rates records based on three main aspects:

  1. The Music
  2. The Lyrics
  3. The Production
  4. The Cover Art

The Music (30%)

Is it repetitive between a song and another? Does it sound like another band? Or is it original and standing out? Does it contain guitar solos and shifts in melodies or is it monotonic and boring? 

The Lyrics (30%)

Even songs with the best music can have lame lyrics. Are the lyrics about breaking up and teenage drama? Or are they deep and emotional addressing serious issues such as life and death or human rights…etc? Is it lifeless or did the artists put parts of themselves into it?
A note here that lyrics that promote feminism are awarded 10 points on this category.

The Production (30%)

A song with great lyrics and music can be produced and performed badly in a way that would not showcase the quality of how it was written. The first two categories address the songwriters. However this category involves the whole band, along with any contributing artists. The lyrics and music on their own can be great, but for this category we ask: How well does the band’s performance of the song reflect the quality of music and lyrics? What did the band’s performance add to the song? Are there repetitions of certain verses that make the song longer in a boring way?

The Cover Art (10%)

Yes, cover arts do count. The cover art can tell you what the music is going to be about. It can reveal parts of the song you did not discover by hearing it. It can be simple but attractive to the eye. The question we ask ourselves here is: How much did the cover art make me want to listen to the album?