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Van Canto release a new single from “To The Power of Eight”

German acapella metal band Van Canto has released a new single called “Falling Down” from their upcoming record “To The Power of Eight“. The song, as anticipated from a post on their social network accounts, “describes the timeless moment of creativity when you feel a melody entering your brain to then materialize into music“. We […]

Interview with Zuberoa Aznárez (Diabulus in Musica)

Symphonic metal in English is good. Symphonic metal in Spanish is also good. We have conclusive proof that no matter what language the songs are, metal is truly universal. And for this reason, the charming Zuberoa Aznárez of Diabulus in Musica has agreed to chat with us. Interview Hello Zuberoa, how are you doing at […]

Irony of Fate – ‘Wicked & Divine’ Album Review

Earlier this year, Swiss Melodic Death Metal, Irony of Fate, released their second full-length album, “Wicked & Divine”. We have talked with Cveti Stojmenova previously and ask her about the release and many other things. You can check the interview in the link below. We had the pleasure of listening to the new album and […]

Interview with Corinne Cardinal (Valfreya)

Valfreya is a Viking Metal band from Montreal Canada. The band, who combine Symphonic, Death Metal and Folk elements, released their debut back in 2012, followed up by their independently released 2017 record, ‘Promised Land’, from which their most recent music video, ‘Warlords’ was released. We had the pleasure of interviewing vocalist Corinne Cardinal, and […]

Interview with Sarah Lynn Collier (Starkill)

Chicago-based Melodic Death Metal band, Starkill, have released several singles in the last year, most recently a cover of Foo Fighter’s masterpiece, The Pretender. We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Lynn Collier, vocalist of Starkill, to ask her about her band’s current and upcoming projects as well as her thoughts on many other things. […]

Intervista con Mister Baffo & Gatto Panceri 666 (NanowaR of Steel) – Italian version

Read in English Loro prendono seriamente la comicità. Questa è una delle tante cose che c’è da sapere sulla band che sto per intervistare, i Nanowar of Steel. Nel loro stile unico e spumeggiante hanno condiviso con noi cosa significa essere in una band di metal parodico. Intervista Ciao ragazzi! Come sta andando in questo […]

Interview with Mister Baffo & Gatto Panceri 666 (NanowaR of Steel) – English version

Read in Italian They take comedy seriously. This is the first (of many) things you have to remember about the band I’m interviewing, Nanowar of Steel. In their unique and sparkling style, they’ve shared with us how it is like to be in a parody metal band. Interview Hello guys, how are you doing in […]

Edge Of Paradise announces new album “The Unknown”

American Hard Rock band, Edge of Paradise, have announced they are about to release their fourth studio album, ‘The Unknown’. The new album will follow ‘Universe’ that was released in 2019. Margarita (vocals) commented on the release:  “Being in a band, we learned how to make something positive out of any situation. And in a […]

Wishmasters release the EP ‘Wasteland’

Symphonic Metal band, Wishmasters, have just released the extended play, ‘Wasteland’. The EP contains the Czech band’s late 2020 single, ‘Wasteland’ followed by instrumental and orchestral versions of the song. And then, when you think that life can’t get any better, you get to hear acoustic, musical and live versions of the songs The Desire, […]

Interview with Priscylla Moreno (White Death)

Brazilian band, White Death, have recently released their single ‘God of Pain’. That would be the Progressive Metal band’s second single after their debut, ‘Beyond Good and Evil’, released in 2020. White Death is fronted by the talented vocalist, Priscylla Moreno, whose electrifying voice echoes clearly in the new single, which you can stream in […]

Wave.X release their second single ‘Dancer in the Dark’

Ukrainian Melodic Metal band have just released their second single, entitled ‘Dancer in the Dark’. The single comes after their successful debut “Unwanted Guest” that was released back in February. Wave.X are currently working on their third song. The single was released along with a lyrics video that you can watch below. Or stream on […]

‘The Hellfreaks’ release music video for ‘Tabby’

Hungarian Rock band, The Hellfreaks, have released a new music video for ‘Tabby‘, from their latest album ‘God on the Run’. Tabby is the 6th music video The Hellfreaks release from their 2020 album, and as usual the video is as exciting as the music it showcases. Check out The Hellfreaks’ page in FemMetal’s Hall […]

Tarah Who? – Interview with Tarah Carpenter and Coralie Herve

Tarah Who? is a French Rock band with an interesting sound and personality that takes roots in elements from different Rock eras. The band is formed from the duet Tarah Carpenter and Coralie Herve, who we have interviewed for this article! Interview Hello Tarah and hello Coralie! How has 2021 been treating you ladies so far? Pretty […]

Women who rock – Fadoua Braham

Fadoua Braham is a Tunisian lawyer and social activist. A lawyer’s responsibility is to demand rights and sometimes even fighting for the these rights, and sometimes get her client out of a problem, and provide legal consultancies. In a society with a misogynist mindset, that believes women cannot defend themselves, what challenged would a lawyer […]

Women who rock – Maram “Per ninety”

Maram is a football analyst who takes Twitter as her platform, under the name Maram Per Ninety, to provide tactical analysis and football visualizations. Maram’s comprehensive analysis and visuals help her followers understand the game more. However, like many female sport experts, Maram faces a misogynist society that has no boundaries, especially when it comes […]

Women who rock – Maguy Demerjian

Maguy Demerjian is a Lebanese-Armenian athlete, fitness trainer, model, and professional dancer, and singer. She was participated in and won several competitions, achieving third place in Miss Fitness 2014, as well as first places at Zahle Marathon, Darb Al Sama Marathon, and Hannibal Warrior Competition, a race organized by the Lebanese Army Commandos over very […]

Women who rock (without a band)

A special article celebrating International Women’s Day FemMetal celebrates this year’s International Women’s Day with a series of special interviews with women active in domains that are considered falsely to be part of the fictional “man’s world”, or where they receive a great amount of sexism, or at professions that women historically had to go […]

Riddlebreak – Interview with Laura Atkinson and Roushan van Niekerk

Riddlebreak is a Progressive Metal band based in South Africa, who just released a new EP, entitled ‘Architeuthis’. The 6-piece band features the talents of Roushan van Niekerk on bass and Laura Atkinson on violin, which we had the chance to chat with about their band’s plans and their thoughts on many things. Interview Hello […]

Interview with Adrienne Cowan (Seven Spires)

You may know Adrienne Cowan as the vocalist and composer of her band Seven Spires, or from her work with Tobias Sammett’s Avantasia, or perhaps Sascha Paeth’s Masters of Ceremony, or you may recognize her as the keyboardist and backing vocalist of Winds of Plague. No matter what band she is playing with, she is an absolute […]

The Way of Purity – ‘Schwarz Oder Rot’ Album Review

The Way of Purity is a Swedish band who recently released their fourth studio album, ‘Schwarz Oder Rot’. The Death Metal band, fronted by vocalist LostMyFaith, have clear industrial tendencies in their music. We have listened to ‘Schwarz Oder Rot’ and wrote the review below. You can also tell us what you think about the […]

Celebrating Black History Month – African-American Women Who Made and Are Making History

In a perfect world we would not need days or months to remember and give recognition to certain groups of people and their culture. However, we are far from being a perfect world. Therefore, in celebration of the Black History Month, I’m going to talk about five African-American women who inspire me with what they […]

ODC announces new band members

Alternative Metal band, ODC, just announced musicians Raphael (8-string guitar), Sonny (bass), and Robin (drums) have joined the band’s line-up. The three musicians will join the band’s vocalist Celia as the band plans new releases ahead for 2021, to follow up their latest single, I Don’t Know You. Speaking of IDKY, since you’re here, give […]

Delain’s Charlotte Wessels ends her involvement with the band

If we thought that Marco Hietala leaving Nightwish was the only sad news we’d get this year we would have been wrong (but hopeful). With a post on her social network accounts, Charlotte Wessels announces she’s no longer part of Delain. The band will continue as Martijn Westerholt’s project, but herself and all the other […]

Interview with Eszter Anna Baumann (Ann My Guard)

We’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Eszter Anna Bauman, vocalist, flutist, and bassist of Hungarian Alternative Metal band, Ann My Guard. The band recently released their fourth album ‘Furia’. We asked Eszter about her new album, her life during the pandemic and many other things. Hope you enjoy this interview like we did. Interview […]

Absense – Interview with Nefeli Pischou & ‘XV’ EP Review

From the city of gods, Athens, comes a band with god-like music. Absense, Melodic Death Metal band from Athens, have released their debut EP, ‘XV’ late in 2020. We have enjoyed listening to the EP and writing this review about it. We also interviewed vocalist Nefeli Pischou and talked about her band’s music, plans and […]

Juliet Ruin- Interview with Jess Fleming & ‘Dark Water’ Single Review

Juliet Ruin is a Canadian Alternative Metal band that has just released a new single entitled ‘Dark Water’, featuring the guitarist of Eye of Horus, Diego Fernandez. Here is a short review we wrote about the new song, followed by an interview we had with vocalist Jess Fleming. If you haven’t checked the song yet, […]

DemUnillusions – Interview with Ayracsana & ‘For My Soul’ Single Review

From Severomorsk, Russia, only a couple thousands kilometers away from the North Pole, the Symphonic Metal band, DemUnillusions, is emerging with powerful progressive music melodies fused into the beloved sound of Metal. Recently, they have released their single ‘For My Soul’. In this article we will talk a bit about the new single and then […]

Interview with Peril Erinyes (Phantom High)

Phantom High is a Horror Alternative/Glam Metal band based in Toronto, Canada. The band, fronted by vocalist Peril Erinyes, has recently released a new single ‘Black Divine’, with a music video that was initially premiered on Metal Injection and is now available on YouTube. We interviewed Peril Erinyes, vocalist of Phantom High, and asked her […]

Unsigned only Kicks off ‘Win Some Love’ promotion

Want more recognition for your music? Check out Unsigned Only, the premier music competition for indie artists. They are currently running their WIN SOME LOVE special promotion Feb 3-17 that’s all about giving love back to artists. Three winners will be selected to win cool prizes, and all entries will be included in the overall […]

Anette Olzon reveals “The Dark Element” news

A couple of weeks ago on Instagram, while challenging fans to ask her questions, former Alyson Avenue and Nightwish member Anette Olzon revealed that a new “The Dark Element” album will be published in 2022. The project, consisted of herself and Jani Liimatainen (former Sonata Arctica and current guitaris for Insomnium), already made their fans crazy about their first two […]

Cellar Twins – ‘Duality’ Album Review

The Belgian-French Alternative Metal band released their album ‘Duality’ in 2019. The album was re-released through Rockshots Record on January 29th of this year. We enjoyed listening to ‘Duality’ and wrote this review about it. We also interviewed bassist Elodie Vainqueur. You can read the interview in the link below. Review ‘Duality’ is a 10-track […]

Interview with Elodie Vainqueur (Cellar Twins)

We interviewed Cellar Twins’ bassist, Elodie Vainqueur, and asked her about her band’s music and her thoughts on many things, after their 2019 album ‘Duality’ we re-released via Rockshots Records. Read the interview below. Interview Hello Elodie! How have you and the other Cellar Twins members been lately? Hi! We’ve been very good thank you. […]

Interview with Rachel Bello (Oblivion Her Majesty, Voodoo Death Cult)

Rachel Bello is a fierce bassist from New Jersey. She plays in the experimental rock group – Oblivion Her Majesty and the sci-fi horror punk group – Voodoo Death Cult. Read the interview below to hear about Oblivion Her Majesty’s re-branding, Rachel’s latest gear discoveries, and other topics. We hope you enjoy! Interview Hello Rachel! […]

The Hellfreaks release an acoustic version of ‘Red Sky’

After teasing for few days, Hungarian Punk Rockers, The Hellfreaks, have released an acoustic version of their single ‘Red Sky’. The single was originally released in 2019, taken from the band’s 2020 album ‘God on the Run’ . It is The Hellfreaks’ second most played song on Spotify, and one of the most loved songs […]

Voices and melodies

There’s something unique about a voice: since the first moment you hear it, it leaves a mark and you will always be able to recognize it.Isn’t that true? Whenever we hear “Zombies”, unmistakably we recognize O’Riordan’s voice. When we listen to “Amaranth”, we can distinguish Olzon’s clear vocals. When the guitar riff of “Unleashed” begins, […]

Operose – ‘Oceans of Starlight’ Album Review

Operose is a British Symphonic Metal band who released an album early in 2020. The band featuring talents of guitarist Joe McGurk and vocalist Jennifer Coleman offers a progressive sound with a great amount of talent that appears through majestic orchestrations and earth-shaking classical vocals. We have had the chance to write this review about […]

“We are a twisted adventure … that will take you on a new journey every time you listen” – Interview with Jennifer Coleman (Operose)

We talked with Jennifer Coleman, vocalist of British Symphonic Metal band, Operose, about their new album and several other topics. You can read the full interview below. Interview Hello Jennifer! Really glad to be able to chat with you. How has 2021 been treating you so far? Well… I’m currently in Gent, Belgium and looking […]

Interview with Mel Schweickardt (Beyond Frequencies)

Mel Schweickardt is a singer and songwriter in the Swiss band, Beyond Frequencies. The Rock band released their newest album ‘Megalomania’ late in 2020. We have had the chance to chat with Mel and ask her about her music and her thoughts on different subjects. We hope you enjoy this interview with Mel Schweickardt of […]

Epica releases ‘Rivers’ with a visualizer as fans praise the new single

“This is far beyond the beauty! There’s no even word created to describe how marvelous it is! I’m just crying.” “I dropped literally everything and clicked on this so fast, excited more than a little kid on Christmas. This is so amazing. My day was shit and now I feel something so nice I could […]

Passengers In Panic – Self-titled Album Review

Our band today is Passengers in Panic from Athens, Greek. The Folk-Progressive Metal band has recently released their debut, a self-titled album recently. The band’s music has a unique fusion between heavy Metal riffs and folk melodies that makes them really interesting. We have had the pleasure to listen to ‘Passengers in Panic’ and write […]

“taking a stand… is an essential part of being an artist” – Interview with Kally Voo of Passengers In Panic

We had the pleasure to interview Kally Voo from Passengers In Panic and asked her about her band’s new album and her thoughts and opinion on other matters. Interview Hello Kally! Really happy to be able to chat with you. How is 2021 treating you so far? Hello and a happy New year to everyone […]

Scarlet Aura re-release their debut album ‘Falling Sky’

Scarlet Aura have announced they will be re-mastering and re-releasing their debut album ‘Falling Sky’ through Silver City Records. This year would be the 5th anniversary for the Romanian band’s debut and the band decided to celebrate by giving their fans this re-release. The album will be available digitally starting April 16th. The band will […]

Aurora-Project – Interview with Rachel Leigh & ‘Spots to Stripes’ Single Review

Aurora-Project is a band from Manchester, UK, with only a couple of singles out, but plenty of potential that can be deduced from these two singles. We had the pleasure to chat with the band’s vocalist, Rachel Leigh, about their new single ‘Spots to Stripes’ among other topics, and wrote a short review for the […]

TCOMAS set to release debut album ‘Full Spectrum’

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara have announced they will release their debut album, ‘Full Spectrum’, on February 26th 2021. The London-based band has previously released few singles that gave us a taste of their unique taste of progressive music where Metal meets poetry. We have previously reviewed their work and interviewed Daphne Ang. Visit […]

Reality Suite set to release new single ‘Triggers’ – Review

New Jersey rockers, Reality Suite, are set to release ‘Triggers’, a new single with a music video, on February 5th, 2021. The single will become Reality Suite most recent music, following their 2019 album, ‘Awaken’. The upcoming single was mixed by Mike Ferretti, who previously worked with Sevendust and Saliva and was nominated for a […]

Snow White Blood – ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ Album Review

The band we’re talking about today might physically be from Germany, but their music is from all over the world of fairytales. Their Symphonic Metal tunes are a gate into a world of fantasy, exciting, through its storytelling elements and themes. Snow White Blood released their album ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ on November 13th 2020. We […]

“It cost us a lot of blood, sweat and tears – but here we are now, showing our new fairytales to the world.” – Interview with Ulli Perhonen of Snow White Blood

We had the pleasure to interview Ulli Perhonen from Snow White Blood and asked her about her band’s new album and her thoughts and opinion on other matters. Interview Greetings Ulli! It’s a pleasure to chat with you. How are you and the other members of Snow White Blood doing? It’s a pleasure for me! […]

Jen Janet releases her new single ‘Shadows’

Jen Janet. American Alternative singer and song-writer, has released her new single ‘Shadows’. The single, released on January 4th, would be the first of Jen’s planned 2021 releases, which she talked about with FemMetal in her interview last December. Below is a quote from Jen Janet talking about her new single. “I started having strange […]

Illumishade release new single ‘The Endless Vow’ with a music video

Illumishade began the new year by releasing a new single, ‘The Endless Vow’. The Swiss Symphonic Metal band gave their fans a New Year’s Day present as they premiered the music video for the single on the very first day of 2021. You can watch ‘The Endless Vow’ on the YouTube link below. Illumishade were […]

Shutterspeed: Catching Up With Female Rock Photographers

There is something a bit different in store for today’s article, our writer and photographer, Shannon, wanted to highlight the work of some amazing female concert photographers. Interviewees include Anabel DFlux, Jenn Devereaux, Boston Schulz, and Shannon herself. Read the following interviews to learn about sexism, misconceptions about being a female music photographer, and other […]

Red Calling – Interview with Jessica Pons

Our article today is an interview with a talented vocalist and guitarist from a brilliant Rock band from Tampa, Florida. The band, who recently released two new singles, have released their first self-titled album in 2016. We asked Jessica Pons about their music projects and thoughts on many issues. We hope you enjoy this interview […]