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Helion Prime – Interview with Mary Zimmer & ‘Question Everything’ Album Review

Helion Prime is a Sacramento Power Metal band, with a sci-fi orientation in their music. On October 5th, the band, now fronted by Mary Zimmer, will release their third studio album, ‘Question Everything’. Fans have already got to hear few songs from the upcoming album released as singles, such as The Gadfly and and Madame […]

Vesssna – Interview with Marianna Lukianova

Gothic Metal band, Vesssna, recently released a music video for the title track from their 2018 studio album “Почти Святая”. The Russian band has a unique and interesting approach to music, making them attractive even to non-Russian speakers. The band, formed from the talented vocalist and guitarist Marianna Lukianova and keyboardist Marina Felis, previously released […]

HOLY SHiRE – Interview with Erika ‘Aeon’ Ferraris

It’s really amazing how music takes us to another place. You might feeling exhausted from the world as it is, from the work pressure, the daily problems, and the situation with COVID-19 in the world. However, music always manages to take your mind away from all this reality and into a better place. And almost […]

The Dangerous Crime of Being a metalhead woman

Since their birth, Metal and Rock have had a revolutionary color painted all over them. Therefore it was only natural that the early Rock and Metal bands were accused of many things, such as satanism and promoting violence and suicide. Now, thanks to the world getting more open to itself, these accusations have been lifted, […]

Vesssna releases music video for title song from their debut album ‘Почти Святая’

The Gothic Metal Russian band Vesssna has released a music video for the title song from their 2018 debut album ‘Почти Святая’ (translates: Almost a Saint). You can watch the video below. The music video was directed by Anastasia Krutova, who has directed music videos for several Russian bands before, including Vesssna. Vesssna is fronted […]

Eight Lives Down release a lyric video for ‘Opening Shots’ As Upcoming album becomes available for pre-order

UK Extreme Metal band, Eight Lives Down, have released a lyric video for the song Opening Shots, taken from their upcoming album, ‘Humans’, due to be released on the 15th of September. You can watch the video below. Fans can also pre-order the upcoming album through the links below: PRE-ORDER via Cult Of Parthenope : https://bit.ly/33qomeM PRE-ORDER via Eight Lives Down : https://bit.ly/31Kybl4

Scarlet Aura release music video for ‘The Heretic’

Romanian Heavy Metal band, Scarlet Aura, have released their music video for the song ‘Heretic‘ taken from their latest album, ‘Stormbreaker’. You can watch the music video below. We have previously reviewed Stormbreaker and had a chat with Scarlet Aura’s vocalist, Aura Danciulescu, about it. You can read the article below.

Mikaela releases her first single ‘Bring Me Blood’ from her upcoming debut album

Maltese Metal artist, Mikaela, has released her first single from her upcoming debut album. The song ‘Bring Me Blood’ came out with a music video featuring graphic brutality that matches the kind of music. Mikaela is heard in different styles of growling and screaming throughout the song, as well as a bridge including of clean […]

The Nychillharmonic – Interview with Sara McDonald & ‘Mean’ Single Review

I always use the analogy of an orchestra working together in harmony to explain how group work should be done. Well today we’ve got an actual orchestra to cover. Which is definitely not the usual kind of groups our readers have been accustomed to. We usually have bands with three to six members, sometimes even […]

Selenseas – Interview with Liudmila Malaya & ‘The Outer Limits’ Album Review

Usually the bands we cover in this kind of features have a female vocalist or are all-girl. However, this is not the rule. FemMetal doesn’t stand for Female-fronted Metal. It is Feminist Metal. And so our range of coverage would be every woman performing in the Rock and Metal scenes, even if they’re not the […]

Reasons Behind announces new album ‘PROJECT: M.I.S.T.’ details

Symphonic Metal band Reasons Behind have announced details about their upcoming album, ‘Project: M.I.S.T.’ The album will be released on August 21st 2020 through Scarlet Records. The band has announced the tracklist as follows: 1 Unplugged 2 Fireflies in the Wind3 A Hidden Thread4 Shades of Neon5 Ghostwired6 Beyond the Black7 Living a Lie8 Binary Stars9 […]

Splintered Halo – Interview with Evilyn Van Der Hyden & ‘My Deck Is Bigger Than Yours’ Single Review

Every kind of art is wonderful in a way and touches a group of people emotionally. Whether in literature or music, I tend to prefer works of fantasy and fiction as well as history. These books or songs or albums are an escape from the world that myself as well as many other fans have […]

FlowerLeaf release ‘We Will Stand’ in a collaboration with 6 bands

Kelly Thans (Pandora’s Key – Netherlands), Nadine Mittmann (Conspiria – Germany), Aliki Katriou (Eight Lives Down – England), Grazy Mesquita (Lasting Maze – Brazil) and Sara Vanderheyden (Cathubodua – Belgium) were all featured in FlowerLeaf‘s re-release of the song, We Will Stand (United), previously included in their debut album. Alongside Vivs Takahashi, FlowerLeaf‘s vocalist, and […]

Tape Shapes – Interview with Laura Bonet & ‘Overload’ Album Review

Tape Shapes is Rock/Grunge quartet from Germany. Just like the way rights should be, Tape Shapes has a gender equality regarding its members, with 2 boys playing the lead guitar and drums, and 2 girls taking care of the vocals, rhythm guitars, and bass. The Hamburg band released a new album on the 22nd of […]

Slave to Sirens guitarists feature in Baalbeck’s live-streamed ‘SOUND OF RESILIENCE’ concert

Shery Bechara and Lilas Mayassi, guitarists of the Lebanese Death Metal band Slave to Sirens, featured alongside the live orchestra led by the maestro Harout Fazlian in a concert held between the ruins of the Roman temples of Baalbeck. The concert entitled ‘Sound of Resilience’ was organized by Baalbeck International Festival, a festival that has […]

Aline Happ, Lyria vocalist, releases a cover for ‘Again’ by Lenny Kravitz

The vocalist of Brazilian Metal band, Lyria, has released a cover for Lenny Kravitz’s song ‘Again’ on her YouTube channel. Watch Aline’s version of the 2000s song. Below is the press release: One of Lenny Kravitz’s classics, “Again”, has just won a folk re-interpretation of Aline Happ, frontwoman of Lyria. While in the original version, […]

Serpentyne – Interview with Maggiebeth Sand & ‘Angels of the Night’ Album Review

Serpentyne is an English Symphonic and Fold Metal band, fronted by multi-instrumentalist Maggiebeth Sand. The English band has released two studio albums to the date, the latest being, ‘Angels of the Night’ released in November 2019. The London band has recently released a music for the first track on the album, Away from the World. […]

The Spider Accomplice release new single ‘Crawl’ – Interview with VK Lynne & single Review

Los Angeles based band, The Spider Accomplice, has just released a new single entitled ‘Crawl’. The American Rock duo adds another catchy song to their discography of unique modern Rock anthems, such as Swallow and Enough. We at FemMetal had the chance to review the newly released single. We also had the pleasure to interview […]

Amaranthe announce new album release date and releases new single ‘viral’

Amaranthe has announced their new album, Manifest, will be released on the 2nd of October. Manifest will be the band’s sixth album and their second with the vocal trio of Elize Ryd, Henrik Englund Wilhemsson, and Nils Molin. The upcoming album is now available for pre-order on the band’s official website. The band also released […]

Mardelas – Interview with Marina Hebiishi & ‘Ground Zero’ EP Review

Before I begin this article, allow me to include a fair and serious warning here: Listening to this band may cause addiction. I’ve listened to their song Apocalypse and then listened to it again the next day. I’ve been listening to it almost every single day! I kept telling myself I can stop anytime I […]

EIGHT LIVES DOWN – New album “Humans” cover artwork and tracklist announcement

Cult of Parthenope Label announced: Extreme metallers EIGHT LIVES DOWN (United Kingdom) unveil the cover artwork and tracklist of their upcoming debut full-length album ‘Humans’, set for release via Cult Of Parthenope on 5th September 2020. Singer and founder Aliki Katriou has commented:  “We are pleased to finally announce the first details of our debut record ‘Humans’. The album explores aspects of the human […]

Dystopie – Interview with Emma Piconnet & ‘Uprising’ Album Review

The most interesting part of my high school years was probably the philosophy class. Not only did I get to listen to my favourite bands back then while the professor spoke some utter bullshit, but also, I got to learn about some interest theories about our existence. One of these theories states that our reality […]

Barbara Black – Interview with Barbara Black & ‘Love, Death, & Flies’ Album Review

One of the best parts of working in music journalism is talking with people from many countries around the world. One last week we’ve featured artists from the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, and Ireland. This is very exciting and interesting; getting to know people from different languages and cultures and talking with artists that have a […]

Interview with Emmelie Herwegh (Sisters of Suffocation)

Today we had the opportunity to talk with the lovely and talented, Emmelie Herwegh. Emmelie is the guitarist of the Dutch death metal band, Sisters of Suffocation. Not only that, but she creates metal-based Youtube content, as well. We hope you enjoy this interview! Interview Interviewer: Shannon Wilk Let’s start from the beginning. How did […]

New Jersey rockers, Reality Suite releases ‘Live at Alpha Wave Studios’ Live Album

Reality Suite have released ‘Live at Alpha Wave Studio’ today (26th of May 2020). With most countries locked down due to COVID-19 pandemic, Reality Suite opened the paths for their fans around the world to listen to their performance 12 songs in a their first live album, including their hits Kiss the Ring, Dead to […]

Five Ways to Nowhere – Interview with Charlotte Esse & ‘Bite Hard’ Album Review

How many bands with numbers in their name can you think of in 5 seconds? Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. I got Nine Inch Nails, Sum 41, 30 Seconds to Mars, and… that’s all I could muster in just 5 seconds. I have hard time thinking under pressure. Anyway, Five Ways to Nowhere is a […]

Season of Ghosts – Interview with Sophia Aslanides & ‘A Leap of Faith’ Album Review

Everyone agrees that 2020 sucks. Some even wish we can skip forward to 2021, or go back to 2019. Although all these thoughts are mere wishes, today we are going to actually go back to good ‘ol 2018, and talk about Season of Ghosts‘ album, ‘A Leap of Faith‘. As we look back to review […]

Freak Injection – Interview with Charlie Red & ‘Daddy Is The Devil’ Album Review

Freak Injection is an Electronic/Industrial Rock band from Paris. When it comes to Industrial music, people tend to think of a simple formula: Harsh Rock music, mixed with electronic music, such as EDM or Dubstep. The way it’s done, however, differs exponentially from one artist to other. The fact that a music genre is a […]

Super Rock Star, Lacey Sturm, Confirmed To Perform At Online Female Fest

Online Female Fest has confirmed that super star Lacey Sturm will be performing at the online festival. The first online festival that will take place on May 16th will be the first of its kind and will include talents of many remarkable women in Metal and Rock. Below is the official Online Female Fest announcement: […]

Victoria K – ‘Essentia’ Album Review

On the 24th of April 2020, Australian Symphonic Metal artist, Victoria K, released her debut album entitled ‘Essentia’. Victoria K joined forces with growler Sheri Vengeance, guitarist Julia Mammone, bassist Martin Kawaler and drummer James Davies to make a wonderful piece of art. The album also featured Michalina Malisz (Eluveitie) on fifth track, Shroud of […]

Online Female Fest: The First Virtual Female Festival In History

Online Female Fest has announced in a press release: The Online Female Fest is the first virtual female festival in history. Event link: www.stageit.com/Online_Female_Fest It is estimated that, as of April 2020, around 5 billion people are on lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This translated into loss of jobs, loved ones and temporary freedom to […]

MoonSun – Interview with Susanne Scherer & ‘Escapalace’ Album Review

A wise ancient Chinese proverb says: “Those who hear not the music think the dancers mad.” Allow me to translate these words into a language we’d all understand:“Those who hear not the music think the headbangers mad.” We are the headbanging lot, and the music we are covering through this article comes from the German […]

Matrimonium – Interview with Domina & ‘Memories’ Album Review

Matrimonium is a band from Poland formed from the duet having the stage names of Domina and Dominus. Already interesting right? What is really fantastic about this band that they work themselves on most of the things needed for a work to be made, from composing, to instruments, arrangement and graphic design. And that is […]

Norwald – Interview with Patri Grief & ‘Madness and Heroes’ Album Review

Music can take your mind and soul into different places. Good music could lift your spirit, calm your nerves, give you a great feeling of satisfaction and move your body in dancing or head-banging or a mosh pitting. But some music is so good that it opens endless portals into endless worlds and universes. This […]

Carmilla – Interview with Nathalie Astrada

The name ‘Argentina’ derives from the Italian term that means “made of silver”. However, our Argentine interviewee is made of pure gold! (figuratively) Nathalie Astrada, the new voice of Swedish Metal band Carmilla, has stunned the masses with her golden voice right from the very first single she released with her new band. ‘Surrender or […]

Women who rocked the world – International Women’s Day Special

For the past year and a half, we have been celebrating women in the world of Metal and Rock for their music. Today, as International Women’s Day arrives, we extend our celebration towards women in history who have changed the world as we know it with their achievements. We will talk about six women who […]

Ashley Bean Band – Interview with Ashley Bean and ‘What You Deserve’ Album Review

Ashley Bean Band is a Rock band from Illinois, USA. The band’s sound has the glitter of 80’s Rock with an underground mood, all manufactured in the Ashley Bean music factory. Ashley Bean Band released an album in 2019 entitled ‘What You Deserve’. We had the pleasure of listening to the album and writing a […]

Wicked Asylum – Band Interview Prior Debut Album Release

Wicked Asylum is an Italian band that has been rocking the scene for a while now. With singles like ‘In My Soul’ and ‘Threnody’, the all-girl band showed the very high potential they possess. And now, the potential is getting kinetic as the band is set to release their debut album, just like the song […]

CineMuerte – Interview with Sophia Vieira and ‘O Refúgio’ Album Review

Today (or tonight depending on where you are in the world), the FemMetal van takes us to Western Europe, to the beautiful country of Portugal. CineMuerte is a Portuguese band that has inscribed its name deeply in the stones of Rock times, through the remarkable work they have produced in a long career almost reaching […]

Jacks & Kings in a World of Queens

A special interviews article with men in female-fronted Metal bands by FemMetal & Rockin’ Interviews Few days ago, someone messaged FemMetal on Instagram and said something like: “Are you stupid? How is feminism related to women in Metal?” Of course, I answered in a very professional manner explaining the sociopolitical aspects of feminism. Joking. I […]

Mezmerized – Interview with Anna Király & ‘Shutdown’ Single Review

For all those who believe that all what is to made has already been made, and every work of art made today is a complete derivative, here is a band that strongly disagrees. Mezmerized is a Hungarian band who define their genre as ‘Electro-Metal’. We were honored to interview Merzmerized’s vocalist, Anna Király and talk […]

Mysteria Mortis – Interview with Annette Ignis

First, here’s a section from a dictionary. magnificent/maɡˈnɪfɪs(ə)nt/ adjective extremely beautiful, elaborate, or impressive. example: “Mysteria Mortis are magnificent!” Now that this fact has been covered, Mysteria Mortis is a magnificent Russian Progressive Metal band with impressive and interesting musical approach. We had the pleasure of interviewing the band’s vocalist Anette Ignis. We hope you […]

The Agonist – Interview with Vicky Psarakis & ‘Orphans’ Album Review

If the quality of music can be scaled in exact values, and we then plotted on a graph with respect to time, The Agonist’s curve would be an exponentially increasing one, as their music keeps reaching new peaks with every new release. In late 2019, the Canadian Melodic Death Metal group soared to a new […]

Review: ‘Imperial Age’ Releases New Video for ‘The Legacy of Atlantis’

Years back, in my teenage and early “tweenage” years, when you’d say the phrase “Russian music”, the first name I would think about is Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, the legendary Russian composer who was ahead of his time with his music and pieces that are still echoing today. Recently, however, a different name has been popping […]

Interview with Moa Lenngren from Browsing Collection

Browsing Collection is a Swedish Punk Rock band that have been cruising their way into the hearts of people all around the world. Their recent EP, ‘Don’t Want to Dance’, is like a Pringles pack – “Once you pop, the fun don’t stop.” (I should really stop writing articles before dinner while hungry) Now guess […]

Era of Ephemeris – Interview with Rossana Cavallotto and ‘Among the Stars’ Album Review

Symphonic Metal.. What a wonderful phrase. Two words that bring to fans of the genre great feelings. Probably one of the best progresses Metal has made through the decades of its existence. A mosaic of sounds, with shadows from a glorious past and colours of every shade and every reality. An ongoing symphony moving in […]

‘Snow White Blood’ launch crowdfunding campaign in hopes to release album in 2020

The band Snow White Blood wants to begin a new fairy-tale chapter in the form of a new album in 2020. With their Symphonic Metal, the four musicians want to tell us about hope – therefore, they also hope for your support! If you would like to help Snow White Blood with their magical project, […]

Reality Suite releases music video and single remix for ‘Grave’

Reality Suite has released a music video and remix for their song Grave. The single, being part of their latest release ‘Awaken’, that we previously reviewed, has the structure of a Rock hit, with its deep-reaching lyrics, mellow melodies mixed with Rock riffs, and gorgeous chorus. The band made the best out of story-telling in […]

Reality Suite sending a strong feminist message in their latest music video, ‘Grave’

Traditional witch-hunt campaigns launched by religious zealots are no longer the biggest threat facing women. Today, in the dawn of the second decade of the 21st century, women are facing a new kind of witch-hunts related to the way they look and the way they dress. Traditional witch-hunts were launched against women that were considered […]

FemMetal Awards General Info

What are ‘FemMetal Awards’? FemMetal -Goddesses of Metal is not an official honorary organization. We are a music journalism website. You can read all about us here. Consequently, the FemMetal Awards are awards presented by ‘FemMetal – Goddesses of Metal’ website to honor achievements in the domain of Rock and Metal music artists, focusing solely […]

VINTERSEA – Interview with Avienne and ‘Illuminated’ Album Review

September is the Chuck Norris of months. This is a fact not an opinion. Keanu Reeves was born in September, Martin Freeman was born in September. Adam Sandler, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen King and Tom Felton were all born in September. And most importantly, I was was born in September. Today, however, we turn our faces […]

Evanescence fans launch campaign in reaction to Knotfest Mexico incident

We’ve all heard the sad news of how a bunch of dickheads decided to savagely attack Evanescence’s stage equipment, setting them on fire, in reaction to cancelling their performance. The cancelling occurred due to a security issue that arose after a broken barricade wasn’t fixed. Evanescence announced the cancelling and apologized to the fans through […]

IANWILL – Interview with Audrey Ebrotié and ‘One Credit Left’

Nothing is better than a fresh, brand new, and good as hell Metal album. Today we will talk about a newly released album by a new band, IANWILL. The French group define themselves as a Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore and Hardcore band. We at FemMetal had the chance to listen to this band’s fresh stuff […]

Interview with Marina La Torraca of Phantom Elite and Exit Eden

The place, a classroom where my colleagues and I were being tortured with Probability and Random Processes. The time, well I don’t remember exactly, but it was round the end of 2017. It was then that I discovered that two of my favourite vocalists, Amanda Somerville and Clémentine Delauney, have formed a quartet with two […]

Invisible Joe and the Mushroom Gorilla – Interview with Aline Steinbach and ‘No Title’ EP Review

Invisible Joe & the Mushroom Gorilla is a German Alternative Rock band with a nice sound, new EP, and a very long band name. Who is Joe? Why is he invisible? And what the hell is a “mushroom gorilla”? We did not ask Aline Steinbach any of these questions. But we did ask her about […]

Project Renegade – Interview with Marianna and ‘Order of the Minus’ Album Review

Project Renegade is an Alternative Metal band based in the Greek capital, Athens. The four-piece band has been loud and active since their recent formation, appearing in many remarkable festivals and aside big names in the genre and releasing a successful EP. Recently, the Greek band has released their debut album, ‘Order of the Minus’. […]

Tigersclaw – Interview with Elena Minina and ‘Force of Destiny’ Album Review

One of the things that interest me most about Symphonic and Power Metal is the marriage between the classical orchestral music and the Metal in various elements. I love it when the riff is joined by a symphonic melody and the beats with an orchestral choir chant. But one of the most interesting sides of […]

“I sexually harassed a member of ‘The Foxy Ladies’ and all I got is this song written about me”

There are always consequences for everything we do. When we do good, something good happens to us, if not now later. And when we do bad, life always punishes us in one way or another. Now the internet and social media is full of stories of women being sexually harassed in the workplace, whether verbally […]

The Tex Avery Syndrome – Interview with Laura Gierl and ‘Origin’ Album Review

The Tex Avery Syndrome is a Hardcore Metal band with a very unique sound that you cannot find in any other band. Now, you can verify that, as the German band released their debut album entitled “Origin”. The Tex Avery Syndrome previously released an EP called “Wolfcity” in 2016. Now, with their first full-length release, […]

Alia Tempora’s ‘Dragonfly Effect’ Album Review

On 22nd of September 2019, Alia Tempora released a new album, entitled Dragonfly Effect. The new release is the second for the Czech band and contains previously released singles Black ‘N’ White and Humanity. FemMetal has listened to the new album and we had the pleasure of writing a review about it! We also interviewed […]

Morphide – Interview with Elizabeth Zhovnerchuk and ‘Mayhem’ Single Review

Morphide is a Progressive Metal band from Denmark formed by the duo, Elizabeth on vocals and Chris on guitars. Morphide is following a path followed by many successful artists before them, as they have been busy releasing covers of many remarkable songs by bands like Jinjer and Northlane. Now, Morphide has released their own single, […]