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Operose – ‘Oceans of Starlight’ Album Review

Operose is a British Symphonic Metal band who released an album early in 2020. The band featuring talents of guitarist Joe McGurk and vocalist Jennifer Coleman offers a progressive sound with a great amount of talent that appears through majestic orchestrations and earth-shaking classical vocals. We have had the chance to write this review about […]

“We are a twisted adventure … that will take you on a new journey every time you listen” – Interview with Jennifer Coleman (Operose)

We talked with Jennifer Coleman, vocalist of British Symphonic Metal band, Operose, about their new album and several other topics. You can read the full interview below. Interview Hello Jennifer! Really glad to be able to chat with you. How has 2021 been treating you so far? Well… I’m currently in Gent, Belgium and looking […]

Interview with Mel Schweickardt (Beyond Frequencies)

Mel Schweickardt is a singer and songwriter in the Swiss band, Beyond Frequencies. The Rock band released their newest album ‘Megalomania’ late in 2020. We have had the chance to chat with Mel and ask her about her music and her thoughts on different subjects. We hope you enjoy this interview with Mel Schweickardt of […]

Epica releases ‘Rivers’ with a visualizer as fans praise the new single

“This is far beyond the beauty! There’s no even word created to describe how marvelous it is! I’m just crying.” “I dropped literally everything and clicked on this so fast, excited more than a little kid on Christmas. This is so amazing. My day was shit and now I feel something so nice I could […]

Passengers In Panic – Self-titled Album Review

Our band today is Passengers in Panic from Athens, Greek. The Folk-Progressive Metal band has recently released their debut, a self-titled album recently. The band’s music has a unique fusion between heavy Metal riffs and folk melodies that makes them really interesting. We have had the pleasure to listen to ‘Passengers in Panic’ and write […]

“taking a stand… is an essential part of being an artist” – Interview with Kally Voo of Passengers In Panic

We had the pleasure to interview Kally Voo from Passengers In Panic and asked her about her band’s new album and her thoughts and opinion on other matters. Interview Hello Kally! Really happy to be able to chat with you. How is 2021 treating you so far? Hello and a happy New year to everyone […]

Scarlet Aura re-release their debut album ‘Falling Sky’

Scarlet Aura have announced they will be re-mastering and re-releasing their debut album ‘Falling Sky’ through Silver City Records. This year would be the 5th anniversary for the Romanian band’s debut and the band decided to celebrate by giving their fans this re-release. The album will be available digitally starting April 16th. The band will […]

Aurora-Project – Interview with Rachel Leigh & ‘Spots to Stripes’ Single Review

Aurora-Project is a band from Manchester, UK, with only a couple of singles out, but plenty of potential that can be deduced from these two singles. We had the pleasure to chat with the band’s vocalist, Rachel Leigh, about their new single ‘Spots to Stripes’ among other topics, and wrote a short review for the […]

TCOMAS set to release debut album ‘Full Spectrum’

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara have announced they will release their debut album, ‘Full Spectrum’, on February 26th 2021. The London-based band has previously released few singles that gave us a taste of their unique taste of progressive music where Metal meets poetry. We have previously reviewed their work and interviewed Daphne Ang. Visit […]

Reality Suite set to release new single ‘Triggers’ – Review

New Jersey rockers, Reality Suite, are set to release ‘Triggers’, a new single with a music video, on February 5th, 2021. The single will become Reality Suite most recent music, following their 2019 album, ‘Awaken’. The upcoming single was mixed by Mike Ferretti, who previously worked with Sevendust and Saliva and was nominated for a […]

Snow White Blood – ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ Album Review

The band we’re talking about today might physically be from Germany, but their music is from all over the world of fairytales. Their Symphonic Metal tunes are a gate into a world of fantasy, exciting, through its storytelling elements and themes. Snow White Blood released their album ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ on November 13th 2020. We […]

“It cost us a lot of blood, sweat and tears – but here we are now, showing our new fairytales to the world.” – Interview with Ulli Perhonen of Snow White Blood

We had the pleasure to interview Ulli Perhonen from Snow White Blood and asked her about her band’s new album and her thoughts and opinion on other matters. Interview Greetings Ulli! It’s a pleasure to chat with you. How are you and the other members of Snow White Blood doing? It’s a pleasure for me! […]

Jen Janet releases her new single ‘Shadows’

Jen Janet. American Alternative singer and song-writer, has released her new single ‘Shadows’. The single, released on January 4th, would be the first of Jen’s planned 2021 releases, which she talked about with FemMetal in her interview last December. Below is a quote from Jen Janet talking about her new single. “I started having strange […]

Illumishade release new single ‘The Endless Vow’ with a music video

Illumishade began the new year by releasing a new single, ‘The Endless Vow’. The Swiss Symphonic Metal band gave their fans a New Year’s Day present as they premiered the music video for the single on the very first day of 2021. You can watch ‘The Endless Vow’ on the YouTube link below. Illumishade were […]

Shutterspeed: Catching Up With Female Rock Photographers

There is something a bit different in store for today’s article, our writer and photographer, Shannon, wanted to highlight the work of some amazing female concert photographers. Interviewees include Anabel DFlux, Jenn Devereaux, Boston Schulz, and Shannon herself. Read the following interviews to learn about sexism, misconceptions about being a female music photographer, and other […]

Red Calling – Interview with Jessica Pons

Our article today is an interview with a talented vocalist and guitarist from a brilliant Rock band from Tampa, Florida. The band, who recently released two new singles, have released their first self-titled album in 2016. We asked Jessica Pons about their music projects and thoughts on many issues. We hope you enjoy this interview […]

Jules & The Howl – Interview & ‘All Along The Watchtower’ Review

Our interviewee today is Jules & The Howl, a Lost Angeles-based up and coming Rock star. Jules & the Howl recently released a cover for Jimi Hendrix’s masterpiece, ‘All Along the Watchtower’. And we have had the pleasure to listen to the song and write a short review about it. We’ve also interviewed Jules and […]

Fuck the Facts – Interview with Melanie Mongeon & ‘Pleine Noirceur’ Album Review

Today we explore a Grindcore band from Canada. Fuck the Facts has released their eighth studio album on the 20th of last November, entitled ‘Pleine Noirceur’. We have had the pleasure of chatting with Fuck the Facts’ vocalist, Melanie Mongeon, and asked her about the new album and plenty of other things. We wrote a […]

Lutharö – Interview with Krista Shipperbottom & ‘Wings of Agony’ EP Review

From Canada comes a band that blends together melodies with heavy riffs, growling, and a unique “thrashy” sound. Lutharö is a band from Ontario, Canada, that has released a new EP earlier this year. That would be their second EP in 2 years and third overall. We had the chance to chat with vocalist Krista […]

Six Degrees – Interview with Valentina Aleo & ‘No One Is innocent’ Album Review

Luca Correnti and Valentina Aleo form the band, Six Degrees, an Italian Groove Metal band who have just released their debut album ‘No One Is Innocent’. The album, released on November 27th 2020 through Rockshots Records, is a display for a band with great potential for the future, able to make stunning songs that you […]

Walk in Darkness – Interview with Nicoletta Rosellini & ‘On The Road to Babylon’ Album Review

Walk in Darkness is an Italian Symphonic and Gothic Metal band. The band, active since 2015, has released three albums so far, the latest being ‘On The Road to Babylon’, released earlier this month on the 6th of November. We have enjoyed listening to the album and wrote the review below. We also had the […]

That damn gender adjective

James Hetfield is a male vocalist famous for fronting Metallica. His band-mates are male guitarist, Kirk Hammett, male bassist, Robert Trujillo, and male drummer, Lars Ulrich. Metallica is one of the most commercially successful male-fronted bands. Felt anything wrong with the paragraph above? Probably you were disturbed by the excessive and unnecessary use of the […]

Aurea – Interview with Shei Alais & Yani Fernandez

Today’s interview is with a vocalist Shei Alais and drummer Yani Fernandez from Argentinian Metal band, Aurea. Aurea is a young band who have recently released two singles. The singles show a great amount of talent and potential in the band, with earth-shaking vocals and brilliant riffs and beats in those two debutants. We talked […]

Interview with Robyn Ferguson & ‘Harbinger’ EP Review

Our interviewee today is a South African Progressive Rock musician, known as a vocalist and guitarist. Her new EP, ‘Harbinger’, however, is an instrumental work. The EP was released in 2020 to follow her album, ‘Falling Forward’, released in the same year. We had the chance to listen to ‘Harbinger’, which we will slightly talk […]

Stuntdriver – Interview with Kym Priess & ‘Fugitive’ Single Review

Stuntdriver is a Rock act fronted by the multi-talent musician, Kym Priess. The Los Angeles-based act released their third single, Fugitive. We had the chance to listen to the new single and write a short review on it. We also were lucky to chat with Kym Priess and talk about her music and plans among […]

Rossometile – Interview with Hela Pálsdóttir & ‘Desdemona’ Album Review

Most of us listen to music either in their own language or in a language they know. But there’s a great taste in listening to music in a language you don’t speak or understand as well. Many fans of Rammstein do not understand German, and still enjoy their music and special approach to Metal. And […]

Illumishade Put the icing on the cake (Pun intended) for frozen II’s song ‘Into the Unknown’

Swiss Metal band, Illumishade, have released a wonderful cover for ‘Into the Unknown’ from Disney’s Frozen II. The 2019 movie song, originally performed by Idina Menzel and AURORA was nominated for the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Song. Illumishade added their epic Metal signature to the song, performing it in an electrifying way. Watch […]

Snow White Blood on the verge of releasing their new album ‘Hope Springs Eternal’

German Metal band, are on the verge of releasing their new album, Hope Springs Eternal, later this November the 13th. They have released 2 singles from the upcoming album so far, Shared Hearts, featuring Lily Seth, and Drop A Stitch few days ago. Below is the press release about the upcoming album. With their symphonic […]

Amaranthe release new music video for the song ‘BOOM!1’

Swedish Metal band, Amaranthe, have released a music video for their song ‘BOOM!1’ taken from the new album Manifest. The Power Electronic Metal band appears to be fighting zombies in the video while adapting alter-ego names for characters of their mini-story. The video, as the song, features an appearance from Heidi Shepherd of Butcher Babies. […]

Interview With Morgehenna

Our interviewee today is a multi-talented artist. She is the guitarist and vocalist of Florida’s Extreme Metal band, Kryptkeepers, as well as being a model. We had the pleasure to talk with Morgehenna and hear from her about her current plans, passion for music, and other things as well. We hope you enjoy this interview […]

Interview with Emyna ‘The Rock Queen’ And ‘What Will You Do?’ Single Review

Today we’re going to talk about Emyna the Rock Queen and her single ‘What Will You Do?’. Emyna is a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter that delivers her material with great energy. Some of her best known tracks are Rock Queen and I Am Me. Her most recent single, ‘What Will You Do?’ was released in […]

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara – Interview with Daphne Ang & Singles Review

The Chronicles of Manimal And Samara is a UK-based duo. Their music is a lovely fusion between literature and Rock, Electronic and Metal music, as their songs have spoken poetry for vocals, over music that varied in heaviness and style over the released material so far. We will talk about their latest two released singles, […]

Epica Recap – Best Way to Get Ready for the New Epica Album

On October 9th, Epica announced they’re releasing their eighth album, entitled ‘Ωmega’, on the 26th of February 2021. Since we know a huge portion of our readers are counting the days till the new album is out, we’ve figured the best way to get ourselves ready for the release would be by recapping the road […]

Snow White Blood releases ‘Shared Hearts’ first single from new upcoming album

German Symphonic Metal band, Snow White Blood, have just released their first single ‘Shared Hearts’ from their upcoming album, ‘Hope Springs Eternal’, expected to be released on November 13th. The new single came out with an artistic lyric video that premiered on YouTube . The song features the talent of vocalist Lilly Seth (Aeranea). The […]

Epica announces title and cover art for upcoming eighth album and release first single of it

Symphonic Metal giants, Epica, have announced ‘Omega’ to be the title of their upcoming eighth studio album, to be released on the 26th of February 2021 via Nuclear Blast. The band announced in their website news entry they have worked with producer Joost van den Broek, who also worked on the band’s previous two albums, […]

brass drums

Watch this wonderful documentary by Bya de Paula about female drummers

Bya de Paula, Brazilian journalist, visual artist, drummer, and photographer made this wonderful documentary about female drummers. The documentary is in Portuguese but subbed in English. Bya is the drummer of Metal band K’harut who released their debut single lately. Watch the documentary on youtube Synopsis: Drummers: Voices of Rhythm History tells us that since […]

Eight Lives Down – Interview with Aliki Katriou & ‘Humans’ Album Review

I love Humans, and I’m not talking about the primate species. ‘Humans’ is the new album by Extreme Metal band, Eight Lives Down. The band, formed by Greek-Kiwi vocalist, Aliki Katriou, released their debut album in September. We had the chance to chat with Aliki about her band’s new album and other things. We also […]

Farmacy – Interview with Selene Sol & ‘Elixir’ Album Review

I bet everyone is really sick of hearing medical terms these days, right? ‘Tested positive’, ‘symptoms’, ‘vaccine’, ‘quarantine’… Well be ready to hear some medical terms in this article that will make you less upset! Because the band we’re talking about in this article is Farmacy! And their newest album is ‘Elixir’! We had the […]

Protokult – Interview with Ekaterina & ‘Trancsending The Ruins’ Album Review

Protokult is Folk Metal band based in Toronto. The band has released their third full-length album, ‘Transcending The Ruins’ on the first of October. We had the chance to listen to the album and write a review about it. We also had the chance to chat with vocalist Ekaterina and talk about the new album […]

Vicky Psarakis opens Halloween season with a brilliant cover of Devin Townsend’s ‘Vampira’

October has began, and every thing around is now Halloween oriented. Vicky Psarkis, vocalist of The Agonist, began the celebrations last Friday with a cover of Devin Townsend’s 2006 masterpiece, Vampira. Check out Vicky’s cover on Spotify. …and this brilliant music video for her cover on YouTube. Vicky Psarakis has been posting a number of […]

Imperial Age release new live DVD of their lockdown online concert

Russian Symphonic Metal giants, Imperial Age, have released ‘Live On Earth’, a new live DVD that was recorded during the band’s live online concert during quarantine on Aptil 25th 2020. You can order the album on this link. Imperial Age also released two music videos for Turn the Sun Off and Life Eternal from the […]

ODC hits again with new single ‘Orwell & I’

Parisian Alternative Metal band, ODC, has released their new single, ‘Orwell & I’. The single was released on all platforms, and along with another wonderful music video. You can listen to Orwell & I on Spotify below. The song continues ODC’s streak of powerful and exciting songs, fueled with a modern sense of Metal music […]

Watch this wonderful drum cover by Elisa Fortunato for SOAD’s masterpiece ‘Chop Suey!’

Italian drummer, Elisa Fortunato, released a new drum cover on her YouTube channel and other social medias. The talented young drummer released a huge amount of energy into the song as she hit her drums gracefully at the 2001 masterpiece by System of a Down. You can watch the video below. Elisa releases lots of […]

Watch this awesome Djent cover of Joji’s ‘Slow Dancing in the Dark’ by Kelsey Luo

Canadian-based Rock/Djent musician, Kelsey Luo, released a wonderful cover of Joji’s ‘Slow Dancing in the Dark’. Kelsey Luo performed the song in a wonderful way, adding her style and identity to the 2018 hit. Watch the cover below and don’t forget to leave a nice comment and a thumbs up for Kelsey if you like […]

Helion Prime – Interview with Mary Zimmer & ‘Question Everything’ Album Review

Helion Prime is a Sacramento Power Metal band, with a sci-fi orientation in their music. On October 5th, the band, now fronted by Mary Zimmer, will release their third studio album, ‘Question Everything’. Fans have already got to hear few songs from the upcoming album released as singles, such as The Gadfly and and Madame […]

FemMetal Awards 2020 – Honoring Real History Heroines

Get the chance to take the first look on the aliases FemMetal Awards will take this year. As we previously announced, the theme will be real-history women who changed the world. Without further ado, you will read below an introduction about every character chosen for the awards, and then we will reveal the award that […]

Vesssna – Interview with Marianna Lukianova

Gothic Metal band, Vesssna, recently released a music video for the title track from their 2018 studio album “Почти Святая”. The Russian band has a unique and interesting approach to music, making them attractive even to non-Russian speakers. The band, formed from the talented vocalist and guitarist Marianna Lukianova and keyboardist Marina Felis, previously released […]

The Dangerous Crime of Being a metalhead woman

Since their birth, Metal and Rock have had a revolutionary color painted all over them. Therefore it was only natural that the early Rock and Metal bands were accused of many things, such as satanism and promoting violence and suicide. Now, thanks to the world getting more open to itself, these accusations have been lifted, […]

Vesssna releases music video for title song from their debut album ‘Почти Святая’

The Gothic Metal Russian band Vesssna has released a music video for the title song from their 2018 debut album ‘Почти Святая’ (translates: Almost a Saint). You can watch the video below. The music video was directed by Anastasia Krutova, who has directed music videos for several Russian bands before, including Vesssna. Vesssna is fronted […]

Eight Lives Down release a lyric video for ‘Opening Shots’ As Upcoming album becomes available for pre-order

UK Extreme Metal band, Eight Lives Down, have released a lyric video for the song Opening Shots, taken from their upcoming album, ‘Humans’, due to be released on the 15th of September. You can watch the video below. Fans can also pre-order the upcoming album through the links below: PRE-ORDER via Cult Of Parthenope : https://bit.ly/33qomeM PRE-ORDER via Eight Lives Down : https://bit.ly/31Kybl4

Scarlet Aura release music video for ‘The Heretic’

Romanian Heavy Metal band, Scarlet Aura, have released their music video for the song ‘Heretic‘ taken from their latest album, ‘Stormbreaker’. You can watch the music video below. We have previously reviewed Stormbreaker and had a chat with Scarlet Aura’s vocalist, Aura Danciulescu, about it. You can read the article below.

Mikaela releases her first single ‘Bring Me Blood’ from her upcoming debut album

Maltese Metal artist, Mikaela, has released her first single from her upcoming debut album. The song ‘Bring Me Blood’ came out with a music video featuring graphic brutality that matches the kind of music. Mikaela is heard in different styles of growling and screaming throughout the song, as well as a bridge including of clean […]

The Nychillharmonic – Interview with Sara McDonald & ‘Mean’ Single Review

I always use the analogy of an orchestra working together in harmony to explain how group work should be done. Well today we’ve got an actual orchestra to cover. Which is definitely not the usual kind of groups our readers have been accustomed to. We usually have bands with three to six members, sometimes even […]

Selenseas – Interview with Liudmila Malaya & ‘The Outer Limits’ Album Review

Usually the bands we cover in this kind of features have a female vocalist or are all-girl. However, this is not the rule. FemMetal doesn’t stand for Female-fronted Metal. It is Feminist Metal. And so our range of coverage would be every woman performing in the Rock and Metal scenes, even if they’re not the […]

Reasons Behind announces new album ‘PROJECT: M.I.S.T.’ details

Symphonic Metal band Reasons Behind have announced details about their upcoming album, ‘Project: M.I.S.T.’ The album will be released on August 21st 2020 through Scarlet Records. The band has announced the tracklist as follows: 1 Unplugged 2 Fireflies in the Wind3 A Hidden Thread4 Shades of Neon5 Ghostwired6 Beyond the Black7 Living a Lie8 Binary Stars9 […]

Splintered Halo – Interview with Evilyn Van Der Hyden & ‘My Deck Is Bigger Than Yours’ Single Review

Every kind of art is wonderful in a way and touches a group of people emotionally. Whether in literature or music, I tend to prefer works of fantasy and fiction as well as history. These books or songs or albums are an escape from the world that myself as well as many other fans have […]

FlowerLeaf release ‘We Will Stand’ in a collaboration with 6 bands

Kelly Thans (Pandora’s Key – Netherlands), Nadine Mittmann (Conspiria – Germany), Aliki Katriou (Eight Lives Down – England), Grazy Mesquita (Lasting Maze – Brazil) and Sara Vanderheyden (Cathubodua – Belgium) were all featured in FlowerLeaf‘s re-release of the song, We Will Stand (United), previously included in their debut album. Alongside Vivs Takahashi, FlowerLeaf‘s vocalist, and […]

Tape Shapes – Interview with Laura Bonet & ‘Overload’ Album Review

Tape Shapes is Rock/Grunge quartet from Germany. Just like the way rights should be, Tape Shapes has a gender equality regarding its members, with 2 boys playing the lead guitar and drums, and 2 girls taking care of the vocals, rhythm guitars, and bass. The Hamburg band released a new album on the 22nd of […]