Join FemMetal Team

FemMetal team is a group of five people. We are all volunteers, we do not make any money out of FemMetal. We actually either have day jobs or are students. We are currently looking to expand our team a bit by adding two editors. Would you like to join the FemMetal team?

What would you have to do?

  • Write articles (reviews, news reports, and other)
  • Conduct interviews. We can either assign interviews for you or you can find your own interviews. Interviews can be through email or video/calls.
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions for our events. (FemMetal Awards, Fandoms at War…)

Are you interested?

Please fill in the form below.

Show us your skills. Pick any Metal song and write a small review of it. Don’t worry, we are not looking for a Shakespeare.