1. Thank you for this interview. Alexandra is one fantastic artist. Her music grabs you and holds you there. There is so much going on in her brain. But you forgot to mention the book that that comes with the album. The OPUS 1880 story. Who does that. Peter Gabriel wrote short stories on on a couple of Genesis albums. But a concept album/book. Now I’m waiting for the movie that would be cool.
    Thanks again for the interview

  2. I loved this band. They sound great. Thanks for sharing it! The vocalist’s cheeks are the prettiest thing about them!

  3. Beautiful words ..divi is my best friend and she is an amazing person and doeant judge anyone on looks or personaitly unless u give her reason too..she stands up for what is right and speak up when others cant . She has helped.me.and others all over the world and she is an amazing kind heart soul who deserves to.go far in life without being judged


  4. absolutely i have been a fan of theirs since before 2008 i seen them at the woodlands in houston they r the best band ever…..

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  6. I am not a reader but this was interesting easy to read! I love how the words fit so well in each sentence and this is a good topic, certainly in these times in this decade. I’d love to see more of your writing! Sincerely regards from your (female) reader! πŸ˜‰

  7. I discovered Jen a few months ago on a Spotify playlist that she and Reality Suite are on and fell in love with her music! 🀘🀘🀘 Best of luck – kill it in 2021!