Cecile Monique

Artist Card: Cecile Monique

Artist Card: Cecile Monique

Cecile Monique Artist Card BandCecile MoniqueInstrumentVocals 🎤GenreSymphonic Metal, Gothic MetalCountryCanada 🍁 https://www.instagram.com/p/CeyBXtuM9Kc/ Social Media Songs and Music Videos https://open.spotify.com/artist/7gotg0LCgDwEHp0CWy8foT...

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‘Solitary’ – Album by Hiraes

‘Divid’ – Single by Sharon Portilla

‘Bulletproof’ – Album by Dear Mother

‘Diamanti’ – Album by Temperance

‘Omega Alive’ – Album by Epica

‘The Bitter Truth’ – Album by Evanescence


‘Wallflowers’ – Album by Jinjer

‘Forsaken’ – Single by Within Temptation

‘Chapter II – Legacy’ – Album by Ad Infinitum

‘Plush’ – Album by Plush

‘Black Blooded Woman’ – EP by The Damned Few


‘Tales from Six Feet Under’ – Album by Charlotte Wessels