Arshenic’s 2021 Quadruple Singles Review

Arshenic’s 2021 Quadruple Singles Review

The Polish Metal band, Arshenic, released a quadruple of singles this summer. Bloodsucker, Extraterrestrial, Black goat, and Lucid were released between June and September, with a music video for Extraterrestrial. We have always known Arshenic for putting aside any...

Arshenic release new single ‘Bloodsucker’

Arshenic release new single ‘Bloodsucker’

Links to stream below Polish Metal band Arshenic have released a new single on June 4th. The new song is the first of four singles the trio is planning to release. Arshenic described 'Bloodsucker' as "an energetic mix of old school Metal, Nu Metal and Alternative...

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