Aglaope, The Siren

SpeciesSiren (demi-goddess)
PowerMind-control through
magical singing
Musical InterestsAll sorts of vocals

The Siren, Aglaope, daughter of the god of the rivers and muse of tragedy, travels between islands luring sailors with her enchanting and mysterious voice.

She can sing in different tones to seduce or destroy. She is both feared and respected even by the gods of Olympus. It is said her voice is heard in the tone the listener is pleased to hear. 

Few people have seen Aglaope and lived to tell the tale, but those who did describe her as of great beauty with an ability to silence anyone in her way with a simple look from her eyes.

Her humming can cause the sailors to lose their way and sail right to rocky surfaces where their ships are wrecked. Then she would brutally slay them, claiming their riches and sparing the lives of the women travelling with them.

Neither Zeus, nor Poseidon, nor Hades have power of Aglaope, for she is free and has a mind of her own. She enjoys challenging the power of Poseidon over the seas by luring and wrecking those who offer him most sacrifices.

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