Carmen the Slasher

SpeciesCursed human
PowerDisguise and yielding weapons
Musical InterestsInstrumentalists

Carmen, the slasher, is the daughter of a noble man of a rich family. Her father was a mean and cruel fellow with great pride.

Carmen fell in love with a poor lumberjack. When her father heard news of his daughter’s meetings with the lumberjack, he threatened to kill any suitor he doesn’t approve of. And so Carmen kept her relationship with the lumberjack a secret that only her friend Peal knew of.

Pearl, feeling jealous of her friend’s love, and in hope of impressing one of Carmen’s father’s men, betrayed Carmen and told her father about the secret relationship. Then the wicked and evil father ordered his men to kill the poor lumberjack.

When she arrived to his hut and found her lover sinking in a pool of blood, dead, Carmen turned mad and took her lover’s ax. She went to her friend’s house to find her with her father’s man. She needed no more explanation to learn what happened. She walked in and slayed Pearl and her lover. Then she took the man’s sword and went to her father. Seeing her soaked with blood, the evil man called his guards. Carmen‘s madness cursed her with might. She killed all the men and finally shoved a sword in her father’s chest.

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