Cassandra, The Vampire

SpeciesVampire (prev. Human)
PowerSuper speed, Shape-shifting, Sharp fangs, Enhanced senses
Musical InterestsRock, Hard Rock, Light genres of Metal

Cassandra, the most ancient vampire, was a princess of a city in the Kingdom of Dacia (modern-day Romania) that fell under siege. When all hope was lost and the enemy was about to penetrate the city walls, Cassandra offered sacrifices to the gods in the hope of helping her defeat the invaders.

To Mercury, the messenger of Olympus, she offered her stallion, and he in return blessed her with speed. To Artemis, the huntress, she offered her golden bow and arrows, and in return, Artemis gave her mighty fangs and strength above any human. To Hades, the keeper of the underworld, she offered a golden cup, and he gave her immortality. Hera, jealous as Cassandra ignored her, cursed her with a terrible lust for blood. Hera influenced Helios, god of the Sun who made Cassandra vulnerable to sunlight. And Dionysus made her weak against wood, so that if she is staked to the heart with a piece of wood she would lose her immortality and perish.

And so Cassandra became the world’s first vampire. She killed all her enemies and saved her city. But her power was too great to remain among her people, whom she now could smell their blood and hear their heartbeats and lust for a taste of their lives.

She fled from her city and roamed around the world, spreading vampirism and siring more of her kind. She is the sire of the famous Count Dracula whom she met on her way back to visit her old home.

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