Lucy the Phantom

PowerPossession, conjurance
Musical InterestsSymphonic Metal, Power Metal, Gothic Metal

Lucy was a kind maiden who lived peacefully in her mansion. She was very well known do her well deeds and helping the poor and homeless who came to her.

Albert, a greedy businessman who lived close, wanted to purchase her mansion for its location. Lucy refused all his offers because the mansion was her only remaining memory of her dead parents. After trying different methods and failing, Albert decided to murder Lucy who had no heir, and then taking hold of her property through auction.

And so he hired a man to pretend to be a sick homeless and wander around her mansion. When Lucy saw him, her heart went soft and she welcomed the man into her house and asked the maid to prepare some hot soup. When he had his chance, the man stabbed Lucy again and again, and fled the scene leaving Lucy dead in a pool of blood.

Albert claimed the mansion, unaware that the phantom of Lucy remained haunting it, after she could not find peace while her murderers roamed freely in her house. First, the house residents started hearing voices of singing all around the house. The mysterious operatic singing drove them mad until some of them fled the house. The other day, one of the young girls came into the room where all residents were dining and she said: “Get our of my house you filthy beasts. I am Lucy and I will have my revenge.” The possessed girl made all residents leave except for stubborn Albert who stayed alone in the mansion. Three months later, he was found hanged in his office.

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