Phoebe the Lycanthrope

PowerShape-shifting into a werewolf under full moon
Musical InterestsDeath Metal, Thrash Metal, Aggressive Vocals in general

In the days of the Spartan siege of the city of Troy, Phoebe was a brave Trojan woman. She was wedded to a Trojan hero that died in the course of the war. So the king invited her to live in his palace.

When the Trojans were planning an attack on the Greeks, the king asked one of his men to volunteer to scout the enemy camp. All men were reluctant and before anyone would raise his hand and volunteer, Phoebe who was there came to the middle of the camp and offered her help.

The king was reluctant to allow her to go, especially with the view that women were weak they had back then. But when Artemis whispered in his ear, her let her go. She wore a wolf’s skin to hide herself, and crept slowly into a hill that revealed the Spartan camp. The Greeks saw her as a hound and ignored her, for the darkness hid her true identity. Hera, however, taking the Greek side, reflected the full moon’s light on her, revealing her to Odysseus. The Greek hero sent a group of men to kill her. As they climbed up the hill, Phoebe was already in the range of their arrows.

Artemis, mad at Hera’s meddling, gave Phoebe the ability to shape-shift into a werewolf. And when the men arrived, the full moon that revealed Phoebe, gave her power and the fake skin of the wolf fell off as a real giant wolf emerged from beneath, tearing Odysseus’ men apart and fleeing back to the city.

Troy fell before the next full moon. But the first lycanthrope was able to flee and found a new home. She leaves to the wilderness every full moon and growls at the dark sky.

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