Tamara, the Undead of the Coffin

SpeciesHuman (Enchantress)
PowerMind-control, Telekinesis, Alchemy
Musical InterestsMusic Albums

Tamara was an enchantress in ancient Macedonia with great power, capable of controlling minds and moving walls and changing anything into gold.

At first, the people of the village she lived in loved her, for she changed their scraps into gold and brought them great wealth. But when she saw the greed in their minds, she stopped giving them what they want.

Her best friend, Lilac, was the only one to know the secret of her powers, for when Tamara was a child, invaders broke through the city were she lived. Her mother hid her in a cradle made of an olive tree’s wood. Brutally murdered by the invaders, her mother screamed loud in fear of the destiny of her child. Her screams were too loud that they penetrated the veil between the human world and the world of the gods. And when the goddesses heard the screams of the helpless woman mother, they answered by a ray of light that came from heavens and struck the cradle Tamara was in. That ray of light gave Tamara her powers. Her only weakness was the olive wood from which the cradle the light struck her in was made.

The people of her village filled with wrath, greed and fear, conspired against Tamara. they convinced Lilac she is dangerous. And so Lilac revealed the secret. At night, the village-men in a great number. Tamara sensed them and with a sway from her hand, a whole ten of the villagers were slain. The second wave came with arrows made of olive wood. She was weakened by the arrows that hit her and only then they could trap her in a coffin made of the same wood.

Tamara, the lady in the Coffin

The next night, the village stock of wheat was burned by a mysterious fire. The next, the cattle fled when a mysterious wind opened the gates and broke the fences. The next, all men who took a role in the capturing of Tamara, and Lilac, all were found dead with marks of hands on their throats. The village knew the coffin is now their curse.

The coffin was moved from a place to another to be kept secret and safe. However, wherever it lies, catastrophes take place. Even from inside her coffin Tamara can control nearby people and make them see things. It is said that Tamara’s continuous humming of different melodies is heard from inside the coffin when it is hit by sunlight.

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