What is femmetal?

What is FemMetal?

FemMetal is a project aiming to create a large network of fans to promote women in the genres of Metal and Rock. FemMetal uses Instagram as a main platform to feature female Rock and Metal artists, as well as this website to post reviews and interviews.

FemMetal is a feminist group. And we see Rock and Metal music a great method to promote Women’s rights through. In fact, women, just by existing in this field that has been associated with men for a long time, performing harsh vocals or over heavy riffs, show that women can be anywhere they wish to be.

FemMetal Annual Events

Each year, FemMetal will organize the following events.

  1. Interview with the Fans
    An interview with fans of Rock and Metal bands that are working hard to promote the band they support either by regularly posting on social media or managing fan bases.
  2. Fandoms At War
    A World-Cup-like tournament where fans of bands (the crews) battle to take their band’s name to the very end. To score points for their bands fans would have to answer quizzes or perform a certain quest.
  3. FemMetal Awards
    A committee of Metal fans nominates new and underground bands into 8 awards categories. Five bands are nominated for the final stage of each award, from which the fans and the committee vote for one winner. The result is 75% the fans’ votes and 25% the committee.