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Articles by Authors


Shutterspeed: Catching Up With Female Rock Photographers

There is something a bit different in store for today’s article, our writer and photographer, Shannon, wanted to highlight the work of some amazing female concert photographers. Interviewees include Anabel DFlux, Jenn Devereaux, Boston Schulz, and Shannon herself. Read the following interviews to learn about sexism, misconceptions about being a female music photographer, and other […]


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Interview with Mel Schweickardt (Beyond Frequencies)

Mel Schweickardt is a singer and songwriter in the Swiss band, Beyond Frequencies. The Rock band released their newest album ‘Megalomania’ late in 2020. We have had the chance to chat with Mel and ask her about her music and her thoughts on different subjects. We hope you enjoy this interview with Mel Schweickardt of […]

Epica releases ‘Rivers’ with a visualizer as fans praise the new single

“This is far beyond the beauty! There’s no even word created to describe how marvelous it is! I’m just crying.” “I dropped literally everything and clicked on this so fast, excited more than a little kid on Christmas. This is so amazing. My day was shit and now I feel something so nice I could […]

Passengers In Panic – Self-titled Album Review

Our band today is Passengers in Panic from Athens, Greek. The Folk-Progressive Metal band has recently released their debut, a self-titled album recently. The band’s music has a unique fusion between heavy Metal riffs and folk melodies that makes them really interesting. We have had the pleasure to listen to ‘Passengers in Panic’ and write […]

“taking a stand… is an essential part of being an artist” – Interview with Kally Voo of Passengers In Panic

We had the pleasure to interview Kally Voo from Passengers In Panic and asked her about her band’s new album and her thoughts and opinion on other matters. Interview Hello Kally! Really happy to be able to chat with you. How is 2021 treating you so far? Hello and a happy New year to everyone […]


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Mind Your Own Vagina

Many men have a desire to control the life of women around them, whether it’s their daughter, wife, girlfriend, or sister. Things get worse when these male assholes are in some position of power. In the recent weeks, Poland has been having protests and strikes due to the government’s almost-total ban of abortion. “The announcement […]

‘Snow White Blood’ launch crowdfunding campaign in hopes to release album in 2020

The band Snow White Blood wants to begin a new fairy-tale chapter in the form of a new album in 2020. With their Symphonic Metal, the four musicians want to tell us about hope – therefore, they also hope for your support! If you would like to help Snow White Blood with their magical project, […]


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