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Articles by Authors


Interview with Emmelie Herwegh (Sisters of Suffocation)

Today we had the opportunity to talk with the lovely and talented, Emmelie Herwegh. Emmelie is the guitarist of the Dutch death metal band, Sisters of Suffocation. Not only that, but she creates metal-based Youtube content, as well. We hope you enjoy this interview! Interview Interviewer: Shannon Wilk Let’s start from the beginning. How did […]


Mikaela releases her first single ‘Bring Me Blood’ from her upcoming debut album

Maltese Metal artist, Mikaela, has released her first single from her upcoming debut album. The song ‘Bring Me Blood’ came out with a music video featuring graphic brutality that matches the kind of music. Mikaela is heard in different styles of growling and screaming throughout the song, as well as a bridge including of clean […]

The Nychillharmonic – Interview with Sara McDonald & ‘Mean’ Single Review

I always use the analogy of an orchestra working together in harmony to explain how group work should be done. Well today we’ve got an actual orchestra to cover. Which is definitely not the usual kind of groups our readers have been accustomed to. We usually have bands with three to six members, sometimes even […]

Selenseas – Interview with Liudmila Malaya & ‘The Outer Limits’ Album Review

Usually the bands we cover in this kind of features have a female vocalist or are all-girl. However, this is not the rule. FemMetal doesn’t stand for Female-fronted Metal. It is Feminist Metal. And so our range of coverage would be every woman performing in the Rock and Metal scenes, even if they’re not the […]

Reasons Behind announces new album ‘PROJECT: M.I.S.T.’ details

Symphonic Metal band Reasons Behind have announced details about their upcoming album, ‘Project: M.I.S.T.’ The album will be released on August 21st 2020 through Scarlet Records. The band has announced the tracklist as follows: 1 Unplugged 2 Fireflies in the Wind3 A Hidden Thread4 Shades of Neon5 Ghostwired6 Beyond the Black7 Living a Lie8 Binary Stars9 […]


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‘Snow White Blood’ launch crowdfunding campaign in hopes to release album in 2020

The band Snow White Blood wants to begin a new fairy-tale chapter in the form of a new album in 2020. With their Symphonic Metal, the four musicians want to tell us about hope – therefore, they also hope for your support! If you would like to help Snow White Blood with their magical project, […]

The Cavemen attack the Moulin Rouge!

Most people, at least ones not living in a cave, have seen the movie ‘Moulin Rouge!‘ or at least heard of it or of its critically acclaimed song Lady Marmalade, also famous for its chorus: “Voulez–vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)?” Well apparently some cavemen were too ignorant to realize the reference when a songwriter and […]