Who is FemMetal?

Benedetta Baldin (aka Beniy) 🇮🇹

Editor, Concert Reporter

Italian girl, passionate about Metal, especially when it comes to her favourite band, MoonSun. Sales representative by day, and Beniy Talks Metal‘s mastermind by night!

Hobbies: Reading, TV Shows, Tolkien

Betty “Triangle” 🇱🇧 🇬🇧


Betty has been writing and helping FemMetal by one hand, and fighting COVID-19 with another hand. A nurse who has passion for gothic arts and horror stories, still stuck in her emo phase.

Hobbies: DJ, Gothic Arts, Horror shows

Jad “PrpleFunrl” 🇱🇧

Executive Editor, Developer, Co-founder

Jad ran away from human interaction to become a Computer Engineer, and then ran away from computers into FemMetal. Passionate about Metal and Middle-earth.

Hobbies: Reading, Mythology, Math

Niki “Mustakissa” 🇭🇺


A young and talented girl from Hungary, passionate about Metal and eager to tell people about it!

Hobbies: Concerts, DIY, science, languages

Rowan 🇳🇱


A brilliant artist hailing from the capital of Symphonic Metal in the world. Writes great poetry and is passionate about arts, photography and music.

Hobbies: Photography, travel, sports, music

Shannon Wilk 🇺🇸


A multi-talented teenage from the USA, whose talents include photography, playing music, and journalism. Shannon also has her own publication, Rockin’ Interviews.

Hobbies: Dancing, reading

Vanessa K 🇦🇺 🇱🇧

Editor, Marketing

A business consultant who uses Metal as a medicine after dealing too much with what she describes as “human scum”. Mastermind of V-thoughts.

Hobbies: Swimming, Reading, TV Shows

Walaa Farhat 🇱🇧

Art Director, Designer

Walaa is a graphic designer and photographer. He is the genius behind the logo and many other designs on FemMetal.

Hobbies: Music, writing, sports