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Benedetta Baldin
Editor, Concerts Reporter

Date of BirthMarch 26th, 1993
Occupation(s)Sales representative
EducationDiploma in Accounting and Programming
Hobbies & InterestsReading, TV Shows, Tolkien

Betty “Triangle
Editor, Reviewer

Date of BirthMay 4th, 1990
Occupation(s)Nurse, DJ
EducationMasters in Nursing
Hobbies & InterestsGothic Arts, TV Shows

Shannon Wilk
Editor, Reviewer

Date of BirthJuly 8th, 2006
Occupation(s)Musician, Journalist, Photographer, Event Organizer, Activist
Hobbies & InterestsDancing, Reading

Vanessa Trad
Editor, Marketing

Date of BirthJuly 4th, 1995
Occupation(s)Business Consultant, Project Manager
EducationMBA, CMC
Hobbies & InterestsSwimming, Reading, TV Series

Jad Farhat
Executive Editor, Reviewer, Fact Checker

Date of BirthSeptember 18th, 1992
Occupation(s)Web developer, Computer Engineer, Author, Activist
EducationMasters in Computers and Communications Engineering
Hobbies & InterestsTolkien legendarium, Poetry, Comedy, Mathematics

Articles by Authors


Interview with Adrienne Cowan (Seven Spires)

You may know Adrienne Cowan as the vocalist and composer of her band Seven Spires, or from her work with Tobias Sammett’s Avantasia, or perhaps Sascha Paeth’s Masters of Ceremony, or you may recognize her as the keyboardist and backing vocalist of Winds of Plague. No matter what band she is playing with, she is an absolute […]

Interview with Rachel Bello (Oblivion Her Majesty, Voodoo Death Cult)

Rachel Bello is a fierce bassist from New Jersey. She plays in the experimental rock group – Oblivion Her Majesty and the sci-fi horror punk group – Voodoo Death Cult. Read the interview below to hear about Oblivion Her Majesty’s re-branding, Rachel’s latest gear discoveries, and other topics. We hope you enjoy! Interview Hello Rachel! […]

Shutterspeed: Catching Up With Female Rock Photographers

There is something a bit different in store for today’s article, our writer and photographer, Shannon, wanted to highlight the work of some amazing female concert photographers. Interviewees include Anabel DFlux, Jenn Devereaux, Boston Schulz, and Shannon herself. Read the following interviews to learn about sexism, misconceptions about being a female music photographer, and other […]


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Irony of Fate – ‘Wicked & Divine’ Album Review

Earlier this year, Swiss Melodic Death Metal, Irony of Fate, released their second full-length album, “Wicked & Divine”. We have talked with Cveti Stojmenova previously and ask her about the release and many other things. You can check the interview in the link below. We had the pleasure of listening to the new album and […]

Interview with Corinne Cardinal (Valfreya)

Valfreya is a Viking Metal band from Montreal Canada. The band, who combine Symphonic, Death Metal and Folk elements, released their debut back in 2012, followed up by their independently released 2017 record, ‘Promised Land’, from which their most recent music video, ‘Warlords’ was released. We had the pleasure of interviewing vocalist Corinne Cardinal, and […]

Interview with Sarah Lynn Collier (Starkill)

Chicago-based Melodic Death Metal band, Starkill, have released several singles in the last year, most recently a cover of Foo Fighter’s masterpiece, The Pretender. We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Lynn Collier, vocalist of Starkill, to ask her about her band’s current and upcoming projects as well as her thoughts on many other things. […]

Interview with Gabriel Daïmon (Frau Fleischer)

Frau Fleischer is a young band from France and Italy who has just released their first single. We had the pleasure of interviewing vocalist Gabriel Daïmon and asking her about her band’s music, their plans for the future, and her thoughts on many other things. Here is our interview with Gabriel Daïmon! Interview Hello Gabriel! […]

Edge Of Paradise announces new album “The Unknown”

American Hard Rock band, Edge of Paradise, have announced they are about to release their fourth studio album, ‘The Unknown’. The new album will follow ‘Universe’ that was released in 2019. Margarita (vocals) commented on the release:  “Being in a band, we learned how to make something positive out of any situation. And in a […]


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Mind Your Own Vagina

Many men have a desire to control the life of women around them, whether it’s their daughter, wife, girlfriend, or sister. Things get worse when these male assholes are in some position of power. In the recent weeks, Poland has been having protests and strikes due to the government’s almost-total ban of abortion. “The announcement […]

‘Snow White Blood’ launch crowdfunding campaign in hopes to release album in 2020

The band Snow White Blood wants to begin a new fairy-tale chapter in the form of a new album in 2020. With their Symphonic Metal, the four musicians want to tell us about hope – therefore, they also hope for your support! If you would like to help Snow White Blood with their magical project, […]


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Van Canto release a new single from “To The Power of Eight”

German acapella metal band Van Canto has released a new single called “Falling Down” from their upcoming record “To The Power of Eight“. The song, as anticipated from a post on their social network accounts, “describes the timeless moment of creativity when you feel a melody entering your brain to then materialize into music“. We […]

Interview with Mister Baffo & Gatto Panceri 666 (NanowaR of Steel) – English version

Read in Italian They take comedy seriously. This is the first (of many) things you have to remember about the band I’m interviewing, Nanowar of Steel. In their unique and sparkling style, they’ve shared with us how it is like to be in a parody metal band. Interview Hello guys, how are you doing in […]

Intervista con Mister Baffo & Gatto Panceri 666 (NanowaR of Steel) – Italian version

Read in English Loro prendono seriamente la comicità. Questa è una delle tante cose che c’è da sapere sulla band che sto per intervistare, i Nanowar of Steel. Nel loro stile unico e spumeggiante hanno condiviso con noi cosa significa essere in una band di metal parodico. Intervista Ciao ragazzi! Come sta andando in questo […]


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Celebrating Black History Month – African-American Women Who Made and Are Making History

In a perfect world we would not need days or months to remember and give recognition to certain groups of people and their culture. However, we are far from being a perfect world. Therefore, in celebration of the Black History Month, I’m going to talk about five African-American women who inspire me with what they […]

That damn gender adjective

James Hetfield is a male vocalist famous for fronting Metallica. His band-mates are male guitarist, Kirk Hammett, male bassist, Robert Trujillo, and male drummer, Lars Ulrich. Metallica is one of the most commercially successful male-fronted bands. Felt anything wrong with the paragraph above? Probably you were disturbed by the excessive and unnecessary use of the […]