For years now, I have been a fan of rock and metal genres. I enjoy a wide range of artists, varying between the heaviest forms of Metal to the lighter forms of Rock.

For several years I’ve been feeling that Alternative Rock is in danger. Of course, the golden ages of rock are behind us, but we cannot deny that a certain change in sound occurred to that sub-genre recently. Some bands retired, others shifted towards (let’s call it) more easy music. At a certain moment I felt like Metal is safe, with good Symphonic and Power Metal bands emerging every day, but the lighter forms of Rock felt almost lost and endangered by the “let’s make songs that sell no matter the quality” invasion.

Then on May of 2018, Reality Suite released their EP ‘Awaken’. Their song ‘Dead to Me’ was one of the best songs I have heard in a while. The rest of the EP was even better. The lyrics are deep and personal. Each song has its own identity and its own message. And the guitar solo on the song ‘Cut, Burn, Bruise’ is simply genius.

Interview with Kimmii Heart

Photo Credit: David Nardiello

Now for the fun part, FemMetal had the chance to speak with Reality Suite’s really sweet (pun intended) lead singer Kimmii Heart. We spoke about music and other stuff.

Mirk: First thank you for taking the interview. This is the second one for the blog

Kimmii: You’re very welcome! Glad to support!

Mirk: So who is Kimmii Heart? What would you like to tell us about yourself?

Kimmii: Hi my name is Kimmii Heart. I am the front woman for the band called Reality Suite. Music is my absolute passion and it definitely saves me every day. And if I can reach others and save lives through my music then, in my eyes, it makes it all worth it.

Mirk: That’s a wonderful thing to work for. Can you tell us a bit about Reality Suite?

Kimmii: We are a very hard working band. We are constantly striving to release new music, videos, merch, etc… Our sound is pretty unique; I don’t really know if we sound like one particular band. We are an alternative rock band with lots of catchy melodic hooks.

Mirk: And what are your goals as a band? Where do you want to reach?

Kimmii: We do have a project in progress. We are currently in the studio working on making our “Awaken” EP a full length deluxe album since we just got signed to the Danish record label Lions Pride Music which we are super excited about! We definitely wish to secure a tour in the future so we can branch out even more.

Mirk: That would be awesome! Reality Suite are based in New Jersey. My favourite band, My Chemical Romance, are from New Jersey, that’s beside the epic Bon Jovi and many others. Do you feel inspired by these NJ bands?

Kimmii: Absolutely, countless incredible artists have come from New Jersey! I grew up listening to My Chemical Romance and Bon Jovi, It does inspire me seeing that they were able to break out and be discovered, we would love to follow in these iconic artists footsteps.

Mirk: Yeah I’ve also seen Brian King (drummer) wearing MCR shirts on stage. You were born on February 13th. A day earlier to Valentine. Tell me which day do you prefer? Halloween or Valentine?

Kimmii: That’s an easy one! Halloween for sure! I love Gorey stuff and doing special effects makeup. I grew up watching horror movies maybe that’s why (laughs). Valentines day can be weird but I always try to go somewhere sunny for my birthday because there are A LOT of snowstorms during that time and way too many times everything is closed, so there’s not much to do but be snowed in!

Photo Credit: David Nardiello

Mirk: (laughs) Do you consider yourself to be feminist? And if yes, how do you try to promote feminism in your music?

Kimmii: Yes, I would consider myself a feminist because I do want to see equality between women and men, I believe it is very important. I try to be a strong female figure so that my fans can look up to as a role model. And I hope that through my music other women and men can draw strength from and be like “Hey I’m not really alone, or I’m not the only person going through this right now, I’m not the only one that feels this way.” I hope that I am able to reach and give strength through my music.

Mirk: I believe that this is what Rock N’ Roll is all about. Saying feelings out loud and saying a loud NO to injustice and inequality. Thank you for your time Kimmii, and hope to hear more and more of Reality Suite soon.

Kimmii: Awesome thank you so much for wanting to interview me!

Mirk Wood

I love good music and write about it sometimes.