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Vesssna – Interview with Marianna Lukianova

Gothic Metal band, Vesssna, recently released a music video for the title track from their 2018 studio album “Почти Святая”. The Russian band has a unique and interesting approach to music, making them attractive even to non-Russian speakers. The band, formed from the talented vocalist and guitarist Marianna Lukianova and keyboardist Marina Felis, previously released […]

HOLY SHiRE – Interview with Erika ‘Aeon’ Ferraris

It’s really amazing how music takes us to another place. You might feeling exhausted from the world as it is, from the work pressure, the daily problems, and the situation with COVID-19 in the world. However, music always manages to take your mind away from all this reality and into a better place. And almost […]

Interview with Jenna Syde

Jenna Syde is the talented frontwoman of the all-female Guns N’ Roses – Paradise Kitty. She is a firecracker on that stage. We had the chance to chat with Jenna about the story behind Paradise Kitty, the advantages and disadvantages of being in an all-female band, and other topics. We hope you enjoy! Interview Hello […]

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